Power in the Post

When it comes to Online Business, there is Power in the Post.

Everyone in business can make a real go of success once they realise there is power in the post. A lot of people think that one or two posts describing their business and their stuff and their notions is all it takes. Well that is not strictly true. Ever consider blog posting? There is more to it all (of course)…

Imagine going to shop where the owner just keeps talking about themselves, over and over, relentlessly. It becomes too much for the customer and they go elsewhere without a second thought. The same is online. There is power in the post – to make or break the customer and their next move.

As a business owner – you can either:
1. Talk about yourself and your business and nothing new news (of interest) to the customers and prospects.
2. Not talk about anything and not say anything – keep silent so no one knows you are even there…
3. Talk about the things that are interesting in your field and the things that will interest your customer who is looking for information in that field. That is true blog posting.

Obviously number 3 is the better way to go, as it keeps people interested in what you have to say – and indirectly in what you have to sell, offer.
So – next time you are thinking of writing / talking / sharing something about your business, just remember that it is not about you – or your business, but rather the people in your niche…. the customers who use the information and products. They get facts and interest from your blog posting.

Now that is something to consider… because there is real power in your posts. (or lack of posts).

Happy writing.

New marketing methods show cased

Marketing methods prove successful for new entrepreneurs

Building  successful business online can be a nightmare, especially if you find yourself going round and round with no direction. New marketing methods prove that this does not have to be the case. It is a matter of following the right system that does not waste your time chasing empty dreams.

Lets face it, you have an online business to make money or get your message out there for others to see…. if this is not happening, then you need to change tact, direction and your methods.

An online business will:

  • Show case your business in a simple way
  • Attract new customers automatically
  • Make sales and make money – and customers get great value from your products / services
  • Has the ability to grow and expand

If your business is NOT achieving all of these aspects, then it needs to change now.

The New marketing methods are being show cased later this month… stay tuned so you too can get your slice of the pie.


32 Reasons for New Page Builder

New Easy-To-Use Drag and Drop Software Page Builder

I was astounded when I stumbled across this amazing new Easy to Use Drag and Drop Page Builder system that literally creates New Professional pages in minutes.
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The simplicity blew me away...

  • Drag-n-Drop Page Builder – Easy to use
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  • 2 & 3 Step Opt-in Technology
  • Built-In Image Editor – super fast
  • One-Click HTML Converter – no fuss
  • Export & Import
  • Welcome Gate
  • Split Testing
  • Advance Analytics
  • Scarcity Builder
  • and much much more….

With Tonnes of Professional Templates – and super quick to Load

and the other aspect I was impressed with was the Up-to-date Features.

You honestly have to see this for yourself – as it will save you heaps of time!!

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Follow the email formula

Email Formula in Marketing

I just wanted to touch base with you about a very important topic. “The Email Formula”
In a nutshell I am talking about email marketing your way through the maze of confusion. We can all follow shiny objects occasionally, but it is important that you keep your grass roots solid business model on track. That is – feed your subscribers and customers what they want (and to some degree what they think they want).
The Email Formula is, in simple terms – a method of delivering great content via email marketing that will NOT grow old. Whenever you send out messages or connections with people, it is vital that you mix your content up in the right way.

You’d be crazy to hammer them day and night with offers and sales pitch. The best way to feed them information is mix it up. TO Avoid the pretense of just being “in their face”.
Try and rotate your messages using these techniques:
day 1 – content and offer (referral product)
day 2 – repeat offer and reiterate the benefits
day 3 – more great content and remind them about the offer to solve the issue
day 4 – Great information content directly related to the niche – and NO offers
day 5 – Introduce a new linked product, and perhaps a testimonial about the new product.
day 6 – Evergreen “News” about the niche – and send them to a link / article on your blog etc
day 7 – keep the message it extremely short and share some interesting fact. in the niche.

Try and keep it all flowing and repeat the process. That way it is all mixed up and natural. (even if it is a autoresponder sequence).

What ever you do… Keep it Simple, relevant and Real.
and remember that it is your writing style – so be careful not to change that up too much.

To your unbridled Success,
David Cummings
Changing Horizons

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Business Website Survey

Answer this Short Business Website Survey

Create your own user feedback survey

Something New Every time you turn around

Keeping Up ?

It seems there is something new everytime you turn around when it comes to marketing online and trying to reach out to other people through the web. If you know what you are doing or even if you are flying by the seat of your pants, we are all limited to one thing…

TIME. ID-10037535

It governs ALL of our abilities to get things done.

One thing you must be totally aware of is NOT to get distracted by the “shiny new bells an whistles”. When it comes to marketing, you need to find your methods and stick with the. You need to do what you do best – and don’t be distracted.

If you get into the habit of trying to find the best solution all of the time – then you end up not getting anything done.

So… If you feel as though you are not keeping up with the new things in the online world, that is OKAY ! don’t be ashamed of that. Technology will keep going and expanding – but us mere mortals must remember that people are interested in people and the things we do…  Technology is only a vehicle to deliver content and connect people. You keep doing what you do best.

If you try and keep up with everything – then you will simple spiral out of the control and go nowhere fast. Before you know it things are moving faster and faster… don’t get caught.

…so in conclusion, make sure you know wha you are doing when it comes to marketing YOUR Products and Services – and don’t get too hung up on the what else is going on around us.

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David C


Internet Marketing Success Webinars Starting

Marketing online can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. People often say that you just “click a few buttons” and it all works. Well we all know that that is simply NOT the case. That is why we decided to do some serious ongoing training with Internet Marketing Success Webinars. It is a fun and action packed webinar series that will show you how to set up your website, your online marketing and accelerate your success online. It will be starting in April 2016 ! Keep your eyes open for further details.

It will be suitable for anyone just starting online and also intermediate users who wish to tweak their knowledge and expand their horizons. The idea is to teach something new every week, and have a lot of fun and giveaway excellent gifts along the way. We want you to succeed in your internet marketing venture !ID-10098505

Being online is fun, but can be scary at the same time as there is always so much to do. You can stream line your success by following a system that works, and that is exactly what we will be talking about on our Brand New Internet Marketing Success Webinars !

Aside from teaching and discussing the big world of marketing online, we will also be doing live set-ups and details with you – the participants !

so… mark April 2016 in your calendar and stay tuned as we gear up for the LIVE webinar series that will blow your socks off ! The Internet Marketing Success Webinars – (IM Success Webinars) I know I am very excited – and hope you are too.

See you on the next post with all the launch details. !

Remember – April 2016. IM Success Webinars.

see you soon,

David Cummings


New Business Ventures are worth doing right

Things worth doing – are worth doing right.

When it comes to new ventures, business ventures online, they are worth doing right. Setting new aspects and goals and aspirations can be so exciting.  you can get so wound up in doing the task that you forget to check overall how you have planned it and executed it. It then raises the question as to why you are doing certain things.

accentAnything worth doing should be done right. This is especially true when it comes to the things that really matter. Like setting up any new business venture online. It is important first up to know the why. The real why and the underlying reason for you to spend your time and money pursuing it. Once you can appreciate this aspect – you will have a better time defining what is important and how you intent on going about it all.

accentPlanning your future may seem boring – but rest assured, it is vital for any longevity in life (and business for that matter). Planning is simply putting in place a set of steps and milestones that need to occur as you go along.

Business steps may be more defined, but ultimately there is still a clear path paved by the why. If you are in any kind of business you will understand that any deep why will always outstrip any “how” issue.

accentConsider these as you plan for your future – or your next business venture:

1. Will this new venture benefit me and the lives of others.

2. Can I make a difference with limited obstacles and is it something worth pursuing

3. The things that are worth pursuing – are WORTH pursuing – no matter what comes up

4. Are there tools to help me through the new venture – and are there other experts that can help me.

5. If I implement these steps and tools available – will it make my business operate smooth and easier

6. Is there a real need for this new venture in my and others lives, and Can I do this new venture with some effort.

7. If the answer is YES to all of the above – then DO it. The only thing left to do is figure out how long you want to spend to get it up and running. There is usually a fast track available if you allow others to help – even if you use other people’s tools and help.

accentAny good business utilizes a team of people – even if they pay them as consultants they use other people. I encourage you to explore using other people’s hardware / software to get where you are going faster. Don’t be afraid to pay people for their expertise in order to fast track your success. It is a good investment if it will help your future.

If Your Business is worth doing, then it is worth investing in and worth doing.

Something to consider over your next cup of coffee !

Kind thoughts and regards,

David C



Why Poor Marketing will leave your business DEAD

Business Marketing is essential for Survival

So you have a business ! Be careful – it may as well be dead unless you market to the right prospects and frequently. Like everything – A great Idea needs marketing. Sad but true… Why ?

one leafWe look at this very important question with an air of curiosity. Whilst it is true that a lot of businesses rely on reputation and their products, it is not that simple today. It is now more complicated. Today Businesses have to rely on more than word of mouth. Any start up business or long standing business have to be in front of prospective new clients and customers in order to keep their fair share of playing field. This is so important today – for a number of reasons… Otherwise your business might fade away like a leaf in a dry place.

  • especially because there is just so much competition – on Price and Value.
  • Other people watch you closely and will duplicate your product / service better
  • The world market is so much smaller – even rising non-English speaking countries
  • The world is changing rapidly. be ready
  • Your business / product can easily be forgotten with this fast paced world of action
  • There is always another “Buzz” product ready to take your place

If you market – you reach out to new customers – which will help alleviate any attrition rates. your market share is always limited by the reach you have – widen the reach and you will have more business.

Double / Tripple or even Quadruple Your Business income from marketing with this.

So whether your marketing includes email, ads, internet marketing, Youtube, articles, press releases, audio pod casts or simple blogs and facebook updates, without them you will go no where. Word of mouth can only go so far – so it is imperative to expand your horizons and market your net wider – or at least more extensively.

Reap the rewards of marketing – only if you market to the right audience. Know you audience, your target crowd. Know your conversion numbers when it comes to marketing – otherwise you will be throwing money away quicker that you can bring it in.

You need a marketing plan. Simple – Effective.

Now that is Something to consider.

Marketing – The Life Blood of your business (Targeted Marketing).

David C



Leverage is the Power of a small action to Move More

Effective Marketing is Leverage

Working for a living can be a real interruption to the life we want to enjoy !

BUT…We all know that using a big lever under a well placed business can mean retire early and enjoy !
Move More with Internet Marketing…

In particular – Email Marketing to people who want to hear from you. People who look forward to your emails and help.ID-10063030

NOTE: Effective email marketing is the key to Successful long lasting relationships.
if you employ these tips, you won’t have to work another day – as it will all fall into place – and your business will thrive!
A little strategic planning early – (setting up your lever to get the most benefit) will allow you to build your business faster.
If you business sells physical products, then you need (now more than ever) the power of the digital tools around to work for you… get leverage.If you have an online business, then you too need to use the power of followup.
Allow these tools to do your marketing while you sleep…

  • Follow-up with your customers
  • Stay in communication with them
  • remain in the forefront of their mind – to return to your store / sites
  • keep them interested in your niche / products / services
  • give them great information and the latest developments in your niche
  • become the expert in your niche
  • use the subtle power of suggestion – through light advertising and followup
  • Give them what they want!

I speak more this very topic in the “IM SUCCESS WEBINARS”

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To your Effective Success,
David Cummings

Changing Horizons
PS As we mentioned before – use the right tools to get the right outcome… and then use the power of leverage to expand it all exponentially.