New Business Ventures are worth doing right

Things worth doing – are worth doing right.

When it comes to new ventures, business ventures online, they are worth doing right. Setting new aspects and goals and aspirations can be so exciting.  you can get so wound up in doing the task that you forget to check overall how you have planned it and executed it. It then raises the question as to why you are doing certain things.

accentAnything worth doing should be done right. This is especially true when it comes to the things that really matter. Like setting up any new business venture online. It is important first up to know the why. The real why and the underlying reason for you to spend your time and money pursuing it. Once you can appreciate this aspect – you will have a better time defining what is important and how you intent on going about it all.

accentPlanning your future may seem boring – but rest assured, it is vital for any longevity in life (and business for that matter). Planning is simply putting in place a set of steps and milestones that need to occur as you go along.

Business steps may be more defined, but ultimately there is still a clear path paved by the why. If you are in any kind of business you will understand that any deep why will always outstrip any “how” issue.

accentConsider these as you plan for your future – or your next business venture:

1. Will this new venture benefit me and the lives of others.

2. Can I make a difference with limited obstacles and is it something worth pursuing

3. The things that are worth pursuing – are WORTH pursuing – no matter what comes up

4. Are there tools to help me through the new venture – and are there other experts that can help me.

5. If I implement these steps and tools available – will it make my business operate smooth and easier

6. Is there a real need for this new venture in my and others lives, and Can I do this new venture with some effort.

7. If the answer is YES to all of the above – then DO it. The only thing left to do is figure out how long you want to spend to get it up and running. There is usually a fast track available if you allow others to help – even if you use other people’s tools and help.

accentAny good business utilizes a team of people – even if they pay them as consultants they use other people. I encourage you to explore using other people’s hardware / software to get where you are going faster. Don’t be afraid to pay people for their expertise in order to fast track your success. It is a good investment if it will help your future.

If Your Business is worth doing, then it is worth investing in and worth doing.

Something to consider over your next cup of coffee !

Kind thoughts and regards,

David C



Why Poor Marketing will leave your business DEAD

Business Marketing is essential for Survival

So you have a business ! Be careful – it may as well be dead unless you market to the right prospects and frequently. Like everything – A great Idea needs marketing. Sad but true… Why ?

one leafWe look at this very important question with an air of curiosity. Whilst it is true that a lot of businesses rely on reputation and their products, it is not that simple today. It is now more complicated. Today Businesses have to rely on more than word of mouth. Any start up business or long standing business have to be in front of prospective new clients and customers in order to keep their fair share of playing field. This is so important today – for a number of reasons… Otherwise your business might fade away like a leaf in a dry place.

  • especially because there is just so much competition – on Price and Value.
  • Other people watch you closely and will duplicate your product / service better
  • The world market is so much smaller – even rising non-English speaking countries
  • The world is changing rapidly. be ready
  • Your business / product can easily be forgotten with this fast paced world of action
  • There is always another “Buzz” product ready to take your place

If you market – you reach out to new customers – which will help alleviate any attrition rates. your market share is always limited by the reach you have – widen the reach and you will have more business.

Double / Tripple or even Quadruple Your Business income from marketing with this.

So whether your marketing includes email, ads, internet marketing, Youtube, articles, press releases, audio pod casts or simple blogs and facebook updates, without them you will go no where. Word of mouth can only go so far – so it is imperative to expand your horizons and market your net wider – or at least more extensively.

Reap the rewards of marketing – only if you market to the right audience. Know you audience, your target crowd. Know your conversion numbers when it comes to marketing – otherwise you will be throwing money away quicker that you can bring it in.

You need a marketing plan. Simple – Effective.

Now that is Something to consider.

Marketing – The Life Blood of your business (Targeted Marketing).

David C



Leverage is the Power of a small action to Move More

Effective Marketing is Leverage

Working for a living can be a real interruption to the life we want to enjoy !

BUT…We all know that using a big lever under a well placed business can mean retire early and enjoy !
Move More with Internet Marketing…

In particular – Email Marketing to people who want to hear from you. People who look forward to your emails and help.ID-10063030

NOTE: Effective email marketing is the key to Successful long lasting relationships.
if you employ these tips, you won’t have to work another day – as it will all fall into place – and your business will thrive!
A little strategic planning early – (setting up your lever to get the most benefit) will allow you to build your business faster.
If you business sells physical products, then you need (now more than ever) the power of the digital tools around to work for you… get leverage.If you have an online business, then you too need to use the power of followup.
Allow these tools to do your marketing while you sleep…

  • Follow-up with your customers
  • Stay in communication with them
  • remain in the forefront of their mind – to return to your store / sites
  • keep them interested in your niche / products / services
  • give them great information and the latest developments in your niche
  • become the expert in your niche
  • use the subtle power of suggestion – through light advertising and followup
  • Give them what they want!

I speak more this very topic in the “IM SUCCESS WEBINARS”

See how they can help you in your business.

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To your Effective Success,
David Cummings

Changing Horizons
PS As we mentioned before – use the right tools to get the right outcome… and then use the power of leverage to expand it all exponentially.

Effective Marketing Tools are the Key

Effective Video Marketing Tools

Every-time we go to do something towards our marketing campaign, we have to consider how we can make it using the most effective way possible. One thing is for sure, time is precious and we need to use it wisely.
Using effective tools can make it so much easier all round. When it comes to marketing campaigns, effective tools are a must. I do a lot of video in my campaigns, and for me, setting them up correctly and FAST has to be one of the most important aspects. I don’t have time to muck around with trying to set my videos up with some two bit program that just wastes my precious time.

clockThere are two programs when it comes to marketing using Video that I believe are an absolute must. They are two of the most effective tools I have ever downloaded. I practically use them everyday with ease. They are:
Camtasia, and EasyVideo Suite
I have been using them for a number of years now, and I don’t know how you can operate with out them.
I run a Mac and they run perfectly. Easy to use and very cost effective. I tried the free alternate software competitors, and I was so frustrated in trying to make them work properly. So – I invested in them both, and have never looked back.
EasyVideo Suite does everything that Camtasia does – and it also loads video directly into the Amazon cloudfront for efficient playback on any video device (mac / PC / phone etc)
The best bit is that it is SUPER SIMPLE to use.
…and that is why I say that Effective tools are the key to efficient work and production.

Anyway… something to consider.
Check out both of them here.
Camtasia – Click Here and
Easy Video Suite – Click Here
You will be glad you did (especially EasyVideo Suite)

To your Effective use of time to claim Success,
David Cummings

Relationship Marketing : How to Win Clients for Life

Is Relationship Marketing what is missing in Today’s Business World ?

I believe in Relationship marketing. Constant followup and staying connected is Very Important. In fact it is vital for a lasting relationship and ongoing business.
I found this article which I absolutely love – and thought I’d share with you.

See how you can apply it to your business…

Enjoy!: David C


Article By Prabhjit Singhbiz

Did you ever take some of your time while sitting on your office chair trying to figure out why your customers or clients were not staying with you any much longer and not keeping in touch with your business?

Perhaps you’re wondering why your business was not getting new referrals anymore from your existing beloved customers and end-up finding new clients instead, rather than maximizing the potential of your established loyal audience.

Man, come here and let me hug you and let me say, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re already 20 years in business or just starting up, retaining the loyalty of your customers or clients is crucial and difficult, especially in this noisy and competitive market.

They’re still looking for better service or product every day, so if you can’t handle the connection between your customers and your brand, your business might lose stream.

That being said, if you want an ongoing business, free word-of-mouth promotion that gives you quality referrals and information from customers that can generate more leads, you need to maintain the customer management in your business with the use of an effective relationship marketing.

So for today, let me walk you through this kind of marketing that without it so, all marketing strategies are completely ineffective.

So what really is Relationship Marketing? How it works?

Relationship marketing, for its simplest definition, is an ongoing process of customer relationship management strategy, primarily used to encourage and build a strong and lasting customer connections to your business.

See How the Full 4 KEY points on Relationship Marketing will Improve your Business Here: Article Source:

Article Expert:

Website Landing Pages that Either Rock or Flop

Does Your Website Landing Page Rock or Flop ?

Have you ever wondered why some Website landing pages absolutely Rock, and why others Flop ? It usually comes down to one simple reason; and it’s the same reason why when people in general go somewhere to buy something or get something, they either love it there and buy more things – or they quickly get what they wanted and quickly get out of there.They may even become confused with the messages they get upon arrival – they may even get confused with the messages that are displayed – so they don’t do what you expected them to do.  IN THOSE cases we would say that reaction and outcome was a FLOP.
It is imperative to deliver the right type of content and message on your landing page.Here are some tips on what you should do:

  1. If people come for a download X Y Z, then you should deliver Download X Y Z in a non-confusing way… BUT you should also Compliment the X Y Z with other Complimenting salable products, services or affiliate products.
  2. Set the Landing Page out neatly so people can Easily navigate around. This is VITAL as stairsit reflects on your whole image. Give them direction – like leading up a set of stairs. Use bullet points or numbers – Bolding, underlining etc.
  3. Have Ads running around the download – but they cannot be confronting. Make them blend in and seem natural on the page to the reader. You don’t want to scare them off, but at the same time you want to present more opportunities to them.
  4. Use pictures and images where possible – people are image driven and as they say… a picture is worth a thousand words. Yes pictures work for better results.
  5. Have clear language. Don’t speak in general – direct them exactly where you want them to go. Give them an ACTION – to follow. Use arrows or step numbers if you want as it is very clear.
  6. Have a means for them to share or like your products and services. That builds further trust and rapport.
  7. Treat people with respect and ONLY promote good products that will not taint your image or reputation. People aren’t stupid and will remember if you treated them like idiots.
  8. Tell them where to expect more information from you – whether it be via your website – your emails, or your facebook. Tell them how to stay in contact with you – as this will keep them coming back and potentially buying more things from you.
  9. Have an introduction of yourself / or your company. Become real. you are not just a faceless name behind a brand or product. Even if you don’t want to be seen, then create a persona or avatar that represents your company.
  10. Reference your general website on the base of the landing page to encourage them to explore the remainder of your site network. It also shows that you are not just a “one page wonder”. People want to buy from someone real – but they want to be sure they can form trust in a business that has a decent online presence.

In summary –

Your Website Landing page should be neat, tidy, easy to navigate and give them exactly what they signed up for.


Adding Prospects to your list the wrong way can be costly

The Right way and the Wrong way in Marketing

Adding prospects to your list the right way can be rewarding. Very rewarding. Details on Page 12 of my book EEM. http://mywealthyweb/free


Adding prospects to your list the wrong way can be costly. See details on Page 6 of my book EEM here:

Effective Email Marketing. Which do you do ?

effective email marketing - click here
Something to consider.
David C

Which Email Auto Responder Should I use?

Effective Email AutoResponders

I’ve Tried them all… and settled with the one that suited me best. I just wish I had of know this in the beginning.

Writing an email is one thing. Setting it up, configuring it and Making sure it gets through is another. There are many different types of AutoResponder Email packages out there. Personally, I have used and tried 4 different types of AutoResponders (AR’s).

1. I started with 1Shopping cart. Whilst this was good, I found it a little cumbersome. I used it for about a year then swapped over to another. Although things were getting through and it was easy enough to use, I wanted something that gave a little more flexibility.
2. I setup an Aweber account next, and use that for a few years. It was easy to use, flexible, and gave great stats. But, you couldn’t add new subscribers (easily) without them having to double opt in. This was a pain for me, as one of my lists was based on an offline business model, and that was a pain. So I tried another…
3. I was told about a very well respected AR system called Sender. it was difficult to use, not straight forward, but apparently very powerful with great stats, the ability to do better split testing, list segments etc. BUT, it could not do affiliate mail outs the way I wanted it to do. That was disappointing. So I went over to the one I am using now.
4. GetResponse is what I use now because it is easy to use, CHEAP, and powerful all at the same time. It was much like Aweber, but cheaper, and had great templates. You could also easily add new subscribers manually, without them having to double optin. That was very important to me. and That is why I ended up with Getresponse.

I wish I have of known all of that when I first started, as it would have saved a lot of time, and effort. As you can imagine, changing AutoResponders takes a lot of work.
So – If you are considering which AutoReponder to use, then I believe either GetResponse or Aweber are the best for beginners, intermediate and advanced users all the same, as they cater for all.

What ever you choose, it has to suit your needs for a good price. If it doesn’t, then use something else.

Knowing this up front is certainly easier than after you are already half way through campaigns.



Email Marketing and Relationship building

Relationship Building through Email Marketing

Reaching out to your audience is only half the game. Engaging with them on their level is the other part of the equation. Building good strong relationships through any arena required interaction – two way communication. The same is email marketing – believe it or not, your email can be a two way street if you allow your reader to engage, and give you meaningful feedback. It is a matter of giving them the opportunity to do so.

Telling them about yourself, as a person, a member of society and as a part of your niche… let them know the new developments and the other things that matter. Allow them to respond – either by a survey, comments, facebook, twitter etc. Interaction is the key.

live laugh everydayOne of the things I like to do is to provide pictures. Use them to help tell you story. You know the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words… that is because people can often get the mood of what you are trying to say in your picture. They can see the smile, or an image that helps describe the message. That is important. They feel as though they are closer to what you are trying to say – summed up in the picture. (you can almost set your emotion into the picture!)

In your emails set the tone for the next email message – get them excited about tomorrows message. “I’m looking forward to sharing something really special with you tomorrow – something that I’ve been thinking about for a while”… this simple message sparks curiosity  and makes them want to open you message tomorrow – just to find out what it was that you were looking forward to telling them.

Remember it is all about relationship building emails. Make them feel part of it.

Something to think about !  Enjoy your day,

David C




writing a good marketing email

Marketing with good effective emails

When we market to people via email we have to remember why we are doing things, and who we are marketing to.

Often we get all excited about simply getting out there and just blasting our message when realistically – we have to consider what it sounds like to the prospect. Often times it can just sound like noise. Sales pitch being thrown at them. If this is the case, then it is not fun.

Only a very small percentage of the market will be ready to receive that kind of message from you – and only sometimes will some of them be ready to respond.

Write one email to be sent per day or every two days. (At the least, once a week). Be regular and do not miss long gaps – otherwise people will forget about marketing

Here are Some Tricks for writing Email Marketing Success:

When writing emails to people about your message, remember these aspects:

  1. Remember that they are people, just like you, and they want to listen to you – not your sales pitch.
  2. People are very selective of who they listen to, so be friendly and speak / write in your own voice / personality style.
  3. People don’t like to be sold, but they will buy the right product if it is their choice.
  4. Put the correct message in front of people – with real meaning, and then they will buy.
  5. your market needs to hear from someone in their market (not someone ‘pretending’ to be in their market. Speak their language. Know their terms. understand their needs. Be empathetic and HELP people.
  6. emails should NOT be long and exhaustive – unless you are telling one heck of a story. People Like stories. (only write true stories).
  7. Stick with the truth. Don’t make stuff up just to sell. you will always find a way to tell the truth if you are looking for it. If you need to tell some ‘untruth’ then don’t say it – instead – say something else more compelling that is true. Be genuine.
  8. Share your life experiences. People want to get to know you as a person – not a machine on the other end of the internet. People want to connect with real people.
  9. If you write an email a day in your niche – then you will have everlasting content. If you write 2 emails a day, then you can fill a whole year in literally 1/2 the time !
  10. Keep you emails exciting – NOT boring and long and monotone. Mix it up and keep your correspondence alive:

Here is my formula (basically repeat this email cycle):

– day 0: give them something they want (or signed up for) specific to their niche – free gift.
– day 1: a short “how to improve” tip or other useful piece for their niche – with a solution product to make it easier or faster (usually a quality affiliate product if you don’t have your own product to sell)
– day 2: current help tip that other people are doing in the niche – and reiterate about the solution product
– day 3: a good luck story or testimony about people in the niche (as a matter of interest) – you don’t have to have a product to link to here as long as the testimony is placed on your blog or website
– day 4: your direct recommendation to help people through (better or faster) their niche. something that will save them time or money over the longer term. This once again has to be a quality product.
– day 5: Talk about Something that you have been doing or thinking about lately in your niche (which has to be evergreen – that someone could read about this in 6 months time and it will still be relevant) but write it as fresh and exciting.
– day 6: lay a hook, and tell them that you will share something exciting with them tomorrow – so they have to stay tuned.
– day 7: explain / share the exciting news. It may be a development or something new in the industry. something that people can get excited over – and back it up with a product solution.
– day 8: repeat cycle with a new product solution – the next step or another similar great product…

Enjoy it all,

More to come next time !
David C.