100 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website – Part 1


1. Create a Roundup Post 

A roundup post is an entry that talks about a group of persons in your niche. This approach is used to build links with influencers in your niche. Let them understand that you are reaching out to them and promoting their content. Oftentimes, this leads to them giving you back the favor by blogging or tweeting about you. If they are indeed influential in your field, their return of favor will be sending great traffic your way.

2. Interview Specialists in Your Niche

If you can acquire interviews with specialists in your niche, your credibility will be greatly boosted, thus generating added traffic. All you need to do is ask email experts a list of questions that is relevant to your niche and get some terrific content from their answers. At the same time, create relationships with these experts as you never know when a powerful partnership will come to your door.

3. Twitter Traffic

Twitter can be a great source of traffic for you if you know how to build your Twitter network on a day by day basis. Your aim with Twitter is to associate and build connections and these relationships can lead to more traffic. One Twitter post can become so viral that it can drive more traffic to your website if done in the right mode.

4. Establish a Facebook Page

Studies have shown that people are spending more time on Facebook than any other site on the net. By being in the forefront of such enormous traffic, you have the most chance of being noticed on the vast web. Establish a Facebook Page for your site and install a “Like Box” into your site so that your visitors will know you are on Facebook and sign up as a fan on your Facebook Page.

5. Make an Infographic

If you are terrific with design, you can take the statistics of any topic and create an infographic to represent the figures. Infographics can go viral extremely easily as people like to share them all over the web. Do remember to include your site address within the infographic so that you can get the traffic when it is re-blogged elsewhere on the internet. You know what? Forget about being great with design, you can outsource it to someone else to get it made for you!

6. Make a .pdf Cheatsheet

Create cheatsheets with important information about a specific topic and include your site address where possible in the document. People like content like this and there is a really good chance that it will grow viral being shared on the web.

7. Create a Memorable Domain

Domain names often give people a chief impression of the site. A good quality domain will be a magnet for the vast amounts of traffic. The most effective domains are the “.com” domains.

8. Make Videos on YouTube

One of the leading search engines other than Google is none other than YouTube. Hence, it is vital to include YouTube in your arsenal of traffic strategies. Generate your own YouTube channel. Fabricate and upload original videos with interesting content to your YouTube station. Using the “annotation” feature while revising YouTube videos, you can put in a call to action for visitors to go to your site address. Another approach is to connect your videos with comments so as to get more views and added traffic. Optimize your YouTube station by including a link back to your site in the profile information on the left panel. Here’s an excellent Youtube course: Video Traffic Academy.

9. Optimize your YouTube videos with searchable keywords

After producing and uploading attention-grabbing video content to YouTube, optimize your YouTube videos by tagging your video with searchable keywords. For phrases, do not forget to include the quotation punctuation.

10. Include video responses to YouTube videos

Locate other videos uploaded on YouTube that are associated to your video content by looking for your keywords in the YouTube search engine. Choose the popular videos with many views and add a video response to that YouTube video. You can find this option close to the comments section.

11. Syndicate your Videos with TubeMogul

TubeMogul is a video marketing platform for syndicating video content to other video sites. Although the greater part of your video views will come from YouTube, you might also be able to generate a considerable number of niche traffic to your website by syndicating your video content to smaller video sharing websites. Do remember to include a link back to your site in your profile while building accounts on the different video channels.

12. Watermark your Videos

To watermark your videos is putting an image overlay, which connects to the URL of the domain you wish to drive traffic to, above the video. This can be achieved using a video editing program, more specifically, a screen capture video program like Camtasia Studio. This software works well on PC and MAC and even comes with a free trial of 30 days.

13. Screencast Videos

Making screencast videos is an efficient way you can use up to drive traffic to your site. One technique is to place a screencast near the edge of the video to persuade visitors to check out your site. Talk about it for little while, pointing out the cool things visitors can find on your site. Some software I would recommend is Camtasia or Jing.

14. Make Guest Posts

Many bloggers or webmasters have visitors to their websites amounting more than your own. Make contact with these persons and ask them if they would want you to make a post for their blog. Not only will you possibly get traffic flocking to your website, it will also get you quality backlinks that will improve the ranking of your website on Google. In addition, you may have made a friend or friends and develop relationships in the process.

15. Make an Email List

Building an email list allows you to drive traffic at the touch of a button. With a substantial number of subscribers in your email list, you can also build a community around your website or even your niche and eventually make sales after you have established relationships with your list. However, it takes time, effort and the right strategies to appeal to people to subscribe to your list. Additionally, it is essential to use an autoresponder service to build your email list. You can check out Aweber, iContact or GetResponse for autoresponder services as mentioned.

16. Utilize Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a landing page utilized to capture prospective leads on the internet who are interested in what you have to present. In this way, you will put together a traffic getting list very quickly.

17. Write a Free eBook

An eBook is a book-length digital book read on computers or other electronic devices. They have a high perceived value and are a good way to build a huge email list. To create an eBook, you only have to copy and paste blog posts you already have written into a document and convert it into a PDF. Give away this eBook for free with the exchange that they subscribe to your email list.

18. Submit your eBooks to eBook directories

Once you have published your eBook, present it to eBook directories. eBook directories work similarly with other online directories. They simply list a number of eBooks on their directory and persons actually visit these directories to seek information. In this way, not only does your site gain more traffic, people also get to know you as an author. The key to making it viral is to provide great and interesting content.

19. Set up an Autoresponder Email Series

Having an email list is not adequate, there needs to be a strategy to get your marketing and promotion messages across to your list. An autoresponder is an email marketing tool that once set up will automatically send emails to a subscriber in particular time intervals after they sign up to your email list. Setting up an autoresponder email series requires some thought and organization. Ideally, your autoresponder emails should contain content for every essential article on your blog and each email should have a call to action intended to get the reader to click through to your website.

20. Create an Ecourse

An easy yet effective way to commence your email series is by presenting a 5-day / 7-day email course where you send emails automatically for the next 5/7 days to develop a strong relationship and confidence with your subscribers. Add in links in your email for them to review your site. Once you have created a substantial list of raving followers, you will be able to create a sustainable quantity of traffic that is going to your site.

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