A Brand New Day – How to Become One of the 1%

ID-10029725You’ve heard of the saying “that’s how the other half lives…” This saying is supposed to categorize people and wealth.

In actual fact, it is only about 1%. I’m talking about those who are successful and actually fulfill their dreams. It’s that small number that actually get up, decide at they have had enough, and are determined to actually do something about it. There are a lot of talkers, and a lot of idealists, but very few people who really do something about their situation. And then you find some people start to do something about changing their future, their overall wealth, and then they run into a problem and give up before they get their reward. That my friend is reality!

It is imperative that a massive shift or change happen in order to make a difference. The truth is that if you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got. Imagine an insect trapped inside a house, and they keep trying to escape through the glass window, it just isn’t going to happen. But if they stop and look for an open door instead, then they will truly escape their demise. This is essentially the same for us. All of us. It’s a brand new Day…. so…

Here’s what we need to do to reach the 1% club.

• Recognize your situation
• Be truthful, and figure out just how bad (or good) it really is
• Develop an escape plan, by following the lead from other people who have escaped.
• Develop an action plan to go with the escape plan… Write down Step by step what you must do.
• Initiate your backup principles – no matter how poor or well off you are: (That is to save 10% of everything you earn into a bank account that you will not spend but rather save, and save a further 10% to give to God, a charity and or to help others, and then, work with the remaining 80% of your income.) this might seem a little “airy fairy” but it is the principle that will make you rich beyond compare.. Both individually as a person, and wealth in materialistic measure. (your savings should be split into 3 buckets: 70% long term low risk security, 20% higher risk investment, and 10% into your “reward account” that you can spend on yourself when you reach milestones in your plan)
• Recognize that is is Never Too Late to start… obviously the sooner the better.
• Associate with successful people who will build you up, and disassociate with people who will bring you down. Energy always flows better from a higher to a lower potential, so green what you an from positive high energy people.
• Be consistent – evaluate your plan regularly, and follow the plan,

And Finally, never give up – never give up – never give up.

So can we Welcome you to the 1% club?

As simple as this might seem, not many follow it, hence, not many people are in the 1% club! – It’s Now your next move..

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