A Super Affiliate Marketer Offers Free Advice

A Brilliant Colleague in the Internet Marketing Business named Terry Telford Interviewed an Underground Super Affiliate Rosalind Gardner as part of a marketing workshop. The interview was absolutely ground breaking, and redefined the “rules of engagement “ for a lot of affiliates.

One aspect with Affiliate Marketing that people always get stumped on is where to start. Rosalind suggests the first thing you should do is to pick a topic that you’re really interested in. Many affiliate marketers make the mistake and say, “Oh, there is a lot of money to be made in selling Internet marketing products to other people who want to become affiliate marketers or Internet marketers, yet they don’t know the first thing about making money online.

So, of course, that comes through in all of their articles, sales copy, and anything else. You can tell that they don’t know what they’re talking about, so they don’t make any money because there is no credibility. So, when you know about a topic and you’re really passionate about a topic you exude credibility and you need that to build trust with people who are going to visit your website. So, a passion and an interest for the topic that you’re dealing with is the very first place to start. Terry Telford then asks the most obvious question there is, “What if what you’re really passionate doesn’t have a market that really spends money?” and that is an excellent question.

ID-100124225Look at the example that Rosalind returns: “There are always ways to branch out from things – Take Palm reading for example… people who are interested in palm reading probably have interests in astrology. Take that a little further, talk about palm reading, and direct your visitors in other closely related interests. Spend a little bit
of time learning about those other topics so you can branch out your site. There is plenty of money to be made in selling astrological readings and stuff like that online.Tons. So in the beginning of an autoresponder series newsletter, we can talk about palmistry and the benefits and what you can do with it and that type of thing, but then start introducing horoscopes because horoscopes sell. And there are probably many other affiliated books and products on Amazon, Clickbank, and many many more. You just have to look around and do research.”

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