The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

3. Relationships. (Build a relationship – Recommendations always work better than cold placement) Write to your prospects and generate more interest in the niche. The best way to communicate with your prospects is either email or RSS article promotion (real simple … Continue reading

The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 1

The term affiliate marketing has so many “connotations” now it is a little disturbing. Just the fact that you may send people to a website via your affiliate link does not necessarily mean that you are an affiliate marketer. Sure you may be … Continue reading

4 Lies Super Affiliates Like to Tell

by: William Cato When I first got into affiliate marketing back in 2004, it was the wild west of the information age. There was plenty of good honest vendors and more bad ones floating around on the Internet especially when it … Continue reading

Continued.. Top 7 Desires People Are Biologically Programmed With

by: Yevgeniy Grytsenko 6. Care and protection. Think of protective father, carrying mother, alarm systems, insurance, weapons and hidden cameras. 7. Approval by others. Think of trends, styles, language, groups, social networks (and compulsively spending time there), cheating partners and subcultures. And … Continue reading

Top 7 Desires People Are Biologically Programmed With

by: Yevgeniy Grytsenko Imagine you can know top 7 desires people are biologically programmed with… This means that subconscious minds of people are automatically pulling them to achieve these desires, usually overcoming any reason and logic. So, next time you wonder … Continue reading

A Super Affiliate Marketer Offers Free Advice

A Brilliant Colleague in the Internet Marketing Business named Terry Telford Interviewed an Underground Super Affiliate Rosalind Gardner as part of a marketing workshop. The interview was absolutely ground breaking, and redefined the “rules of engagement “ for a lot of affiliates. … Continue reading

12 Magical Steps To Make Resolutions Come True – Part 1

By: Dr. Michael Craig After December 31st at midnight, the year 2013 is just a memory. For some, it’s a bad memory; for others, a wistful time when goals were achieved and ambitions realized. Regardless of what last year brought, the … Continue reading

Everything Comes at a Price…

Everyone wants success, but are they willing to pay the price? Some people go at it half-heartedly, while others go whole-heartedly and never quite get there… Sometimes it is so close you can almost taste it, almost reach out and touch it. … Continue reading

A Brand New Day – How to Become One of the 1%

You’ve heard of the saying “that’s how the other half lives…” This saying is supposed to categorize people and wealth. In actual fact, it is only about 1%. I’m talking about those who are successful and actually fulfill their dreams. … Continue reading

Realize Your Dreams

No matter what people around you say – Stick to your dream. Don’t let the “Nay Sayers” steal your dreams. Determine your dream – your future – your gateway. It is YOURS. Seek advice from the Entrepreneurs that have gone … Continue reading