Cheap Traffic to your website

I was asked how to get cheap Traffic to your website

It’s funny because a lot of people want to know how to get free or cheap traffic to their website.
and the short answer is, there are tonnes of ways, its just that some require a little work, some require a lot of work, and some you have to pay a little money.
The truth is, it all depends.
You can put in a little effort and get free traffic, like generated from sites like VIRAL URL, or YouTube, or places that people frequent a lot.
But honestly, the best way is to get traffic from cheap traffic sources, as it is quick, (cheap and simple), and easy.
Free traffic is good over time, but it can be frustrating and a little hard to get started.

If I had my time over, I would have gone straight for the cheap traffic instead of trying to rely on the free stuff.
There are just so many methods out there.

Firstly, check out ViralURL: There is a free version and paid version. The paid version is heaps quicker.

Next – look at: Traffic Ultimatum, it is a full on traffic course which teaches everything about traffic. Truly worth it. (it goes through everything).

You can post comments on forums etc, but it has to be very targeted and not spammy- this is explained in traffic courses.

Finally, consider the “BackStage Profits” – it is a system that literally sends you traffic. – I have a version of this and it is amazing – they just keep sending traffic. (yes it is a paid service – but it works)

you can of course use YouTube, by posting videos, and links to your site, this method works, but it can be time consuming. (and there are tricks to the trade using YouTube, and best if you know them to save time and energy).

Enjoy !

Oh, if you are building a list and want great cheap traffic, then you simply have to check out these two sites:

-> Warrior Forum – all things Internet Marketing

-> Safe-Swaps – great for list building and Instant traffic using solos. (I love this one.)

(and Get my List building course as well – it will help you understand list building ! ) click here for Info and Downloads.

(yes some of these links are through my affiliate link, but I highly recommend them because I use them. Totally worth it.)


David C.


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