Continued.. Top 7 Desires People Are Biologically Programmed With

by: Yevgeniy Grytsenko

ID-100692196. Care and protection. Think of protective father, carrying mother, alarm systems, insurance, weapons and hidden cameras.

7. Approval by others. Think of trends, styles, language, groups, social networks (and compulsively spending time there), cheating partners and subcultures.

And here is something very interesting: usually, one desire co-exists with another. For example: red sports car can give enjoyment (desire #1), superiority (desire #5), approval (desire #7) and yes, in some cases help with “building relationships” by picking up potential partners. (desire #3).

This also works in the “relationship arena” with unfaithful behavior and the obvious ramifications from unsavory deeds, leaving the other person feeling hurt, needy and broken, and in desperate need to get some closure and help. There are many products and affiliate offers to help people in this situation. (Now whatever you promote you
should be ethical and try and help people rather than simply taking advantage of their situation in a bad way. In other words – make it a win / win situation where they will benefit from your product.

Skilled practical marketers perfectly understand these desires and most importantly know how to position their products and services in a way that people pay them and their clients instead of their competitors. See, that’s why if you just try and sell a “red sports car” just as “a fast automobile” it will turn out to be a BIG mistake! Sell the “experience”, the “desire” – not the car!

This obviously works well presenting the “avoidance of pain” to your market today as well (parts of desire #2: freedom from fear and avoidance of danger / self preservation). We can learn lessons from everything around us… see if you can see the hidden messages. It is a fine art, but it opens you eyes when you understand this principle.

So what is the lesson ?

The lesson is: think creatively. When you describe your product or service, don’t just list features. And don’t just list benefits. List the benefits that correspond with top 7 desires people are biologically programmed with.

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