Email Marketing and Relationship building

Relationship Building through Email Marketing

Reaching out to your audience is only half the game. Engaging with them on their level is the other part of the equation. Building good strong relationships through any arena required interaction – two way communication. The same is email marketing – believe it or not, your email can be a two way street if you allow your reader to engage, and give you meaningful feedback. It is a matter of giving them the opportunity to do so.

Telling them about yourself, as a person, a member of society and as a part of your niche… let them know the new developments and the other things that matter. Allow them to respond – either by a survey, comments, facebook, twitter etc. Interaction is the key.

live laugh everydayOne of the things I like to do is to provide pictures. Use them to help tell you story. You know the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words… that is because people can often get the mood of what you are trying to say in your picture. They can see the smile, or an image that helps describe the message. That is important. They feel as though they are closer to what you are trying to say – summed up in the picture. (you can almost set your emotion into the picture!)

In your emails set the tone for the next email message – get them excited about tomorrows message. “I’m looking forward to sharing something really special with you tomorrow – something that I’ve been thinking about for a while”… this simple message sparks curiosity  and makes them want to open you message tomorrow – just to find out what it was that you were looking forward to telling them.

Remember it is all about relationship building emails. Make them feel part of it.

Something to think about !  Enjoy your day,

David C




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