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Email Formula in Marketing

I just wanted to touch base with you about a very important topic. “The Email Formula”
In a nutshell I am talking about email marketing your way through the maze of confusion. We can all follow shiny objects occasionally, but it is important that you keep your grass roots solid business model on track. That is – feed your subscribers and customers what they want (and to some degree what they think they want).
The Email Formula is, in simple terms – a method of delivering great content via email marketing that will NOT grow old. Whenever you send out messages or connections with people, it is vital that you mix your content up in the right way.

You’d be crazy to hammer them day and night with offers and sales pitch. The best way to feed them information is mix it up. TO Avoid the pretense of just being “in their face”.
Try and rotate your messages using these techniques:
day 1 – content and offer (referral product)
day 2 – repeat offer and reiterate the benefits
day 3 – more great content and remind them about the offer to solve the issue
day 4 – Great information content directly related to the niche – and NO offers
day 5 – Introduce a new linked product, and perhaps a testimonial about the new product.
day 6 – Evergreen “News” about the niche – and send them to a link / article on your blog etc
day 7 – keep the message it extremely short and share some interesting fact. in the niche.

Try and keep it all flowing and repeat the process. That way it is all mixed up and natural. (even if it is a autoresponder sequence).

What ever you do… Keep it Simple, relevant and Real.
and remember that it is your writing style – so be careful not to change that up too much.

To your unbridled Success,
David Cummings
Changing Horizons

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