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One of the important advantages to online marketing is the availability of numerous free web site traffic sources. There are exactly hundreds you can choose from to fit your industry and website, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, EzineArticles, Squidoo, USFreeAds, Craigslist, traffic exchanges, safelists, and more. This article will speak about a lesser known technique to create free web site traffic: creating newsletters.

Though all the free methods of getting traffic to your site work very well, they can take quite a bit of time and steadiness in your endeavors before you start seeing the results. However you can acquire an onset on your efforts by creating newsletter articles. If you’ve tried article marketing, you already have the idea on how to do newsletter articles. The only difference is where you submit them. The most difficult part of the total process is finding someone who will broadcast your articles. And it’s certainly not difficult, just a little time consuming. However, the results are quick.

Here’s how it works out. Editors of newsletters at all times need good content, especially if their newsletter is published often. So, some of them will allow you to publish your article for free, in exchange for offering them the job. The key is to ensure that your article is well-written and offers valuable information. And then, the secret to getting traffic to your site is to offer compelling info in the resource box at the bottom of the article, with a brief description of you and/or what you recommend, and the link to your website.

After you’ve determined the topic of your content, as it relates to your site of course, then you need to look for newsletters in your niche. In order to get the maximum burst of visitors, look for at least 10 newsletters (better 20) that will allow free newsletters. Find out how many followers each newsletter has. In general, the most triumphant and important ones will broadcast this information. Send your article to the one with the most number of subscribers initially and continue down the list. But make sure that you put off a couple of days in between each submission so that you prevent from having the same article published by different newsletters on the same day, causing embarrassment to them and likely denial of any upcoming articles from you.

When you’ve finished sending the article to every one of the newsletters on your list, send it to other directories (such as, for example) that hold content which other newsletters can send to their followers. Remember that the key to getting the best results with this in terms of free web site traffic is to write good content. You don’t have to be a professional writer but your article should be free of grammatical and spelling errors, and possibly, more significantly, offer beneficial information that answers the queries or solves the problems of your target followers.

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