Get Noticed And Become A Celebrity In Your Business Niche

ID-100176767Be the one to swim upstream and you’ll get to your destination. Just because everyone is swimming downstream, it does not mean that they’re going in the right direction.

In order to make a real difference and develop the secrets of making more money online, there is just so much potential and we need to unlock that vault, which leads us to today’s special guest who is one of the leading presentation experts in the Philadelphia area. The author of the great book, “Red-Hot Presentation: How to write and deliver a talk so that you get more clients, make more money, and become famous in your niche.” I would like to welcome, Judy Cohen.

Judy:     Hello! Thank you for having me David.

David:  It is great to have you here. Now, I noticed you were quite a celebrity, if I may use that term, and you’ve got a lot of things on your website which talks about being a celebrity.

Judy:     Yes. I think that we can all become a little bit famous, you know. We don’t just leave it to stars in Hollywood and throughout the world, but we can all find just our little space and have our moment of fame and fortune.

David:  Uh huh… And if we do that in the right direction, we’ll definitely attract some more people as well.

Judy:     Oh absolutely, because if we use speaking as our platform and get our expertise known in the world, we will attract a lot of attention. We want those raving fans coming for us and for all that we have to offer!

David:  Yes, that’s what we’re really after in business as well; making sure we can actually move forward and not be stagnant or just waiting for people to come knocking on our doors, but rather attracting them to ourselves.

Judy:     Absolutely, so we really need to be proactive with our own careers and position ourselves as the experts that we are, so that people will know what we have to offer.

David:  And nobody knows your business like yourself, so it’s up to us to make it happen.

Judy:     Yes, I totally agree.

David:  Okay… Now, you’ve got this book… which is Speaking Success Secrets… that people can actually grab from your site as well. Tell us a little bit about that.

Judy:     Yes, people can go on to my website and they can get a free copy of my book, “Speaking Success Secrets Revealed,” and it will tell them how to write a compelling talk that leads to an audience wanting to know more. And it’ll help them stay top of mind and get those raving fans that we were talking about, and become sought after in their area of expertise. So it’s really helpful information in terms of how to create a speech, craft it, and deliver it to really help them grow their business.

David:  Well that would be a great download actually. Can we ask… getting into this topic of red hot presentation, being the speaker that you’ve always dreamed to be, and etc… What actually made you get into this field in the first place?

Judy:     Well, as a child, I was very much afraid of speaking in public. I had a lot of fears, and when I was around people, I just shut down and I didn’t speak up. I tried to just hide, and eventually I survived those early years. I put myself through college and I graduated with a degree in Marketing, and when I took my first position as a marketing assistant, I was great in putting together marketing campaigns. But the Vice President of Marketing took notice of my work and he said to me, “You are great at what you do, but you will never excel in this company if you don’t learn to speak up.” And just hearing those two words, “speak up,” just filled me with fear, and I remember just staring at him in silence. I could hear my heart pounding but I couldn’t speak, and finally he said to me, “I will groom you.” And he became my self-appointed mentor, my coach. Whenever I was in a meeting and there was something up for discussion, and somebody asked a question, he would come behind me and he’d whisper in my ear, “Speak Now.” Two words that just gave me the permission to speak that I never had before, and so I tried. It was scary at first, but I tried and I started contributing to the meetings, and I spoke and it was amazing! My career has just started to soar. It took off, and I was promoted to Marketing Manager, and the CEO started noticing what I was doing. I started having meetings with him, and I was rapidly promoted to Marketing Director. I addressed other professional executives in the company, and I spoke with the employees every month, and I really helped changed the direction and focus of the campaign and the marketing approaches that we were doing. My career just blossomed and it’s all because I learned how to speak up. It’s all because of those early days, and then it was interesting. I also found another outlet for my voice and that was acting.

David:  Wow.


Judy:     Yes. I auditioned for a children’s theater group and I became one of the ensemble members of the cast, and it was fun delighting the children. I also did some movies in the Philadelphia area and it was fun being in different scenes, with different stars, and watching how they scripted lines, and how they brought them to life. It was just an amazing opportunity to watch words on tape or become so much more, as they deliver their speeches and their lines. That was a nice school for me because I’ve learned a lot.

David:  Who were some of those actors that you were alongside with?

Judy:     I remember meeting Danny de Vito and Shannon Teller, and Brian de Palma was the director in one of the movies. I remember I did a scene with Estelle Getty, where we got to cross paths, and she rushed into his cab. It was just a lot of fun.

David:  Well that sounds just like a bit of a bounce…

Judy:     Yes it was! Then I also got to do live television. I pitched a series to a producer and she said, “If I like you, I’ll give you a show.” This commercial aired three times an hour everyday for a year, and basically it positioned me as a hometown celebrity. When I stopped and saw it, all these experiences, from the days when I couldn’t speak, from the mentor who stood behind me and whispered, “speak now,” and the different acting experiences, I just put it all together and I said, “I can help other people achieve what I achieved and have it happen much quicker.” So I created my “Get Noticed With Red-Hot Presentations Program,” so that people will learn to speak up, step into their confidence, use their voice, and really learn to make a name for themselves in their niche, in their area of expertise.

David: Well it seems like you’ve actually turned a shyness issue or introversion issue into something where it could really help others as well.

Judy:     Yes and it’s very rewarding to watch other people come out of their shells the way I did. And because it is scary, I mean public speaking… it is the top fear… actually three out of four people have a fear of public speaking… it’s something that we can overcome. The key is to realize that the speech isn’t about us, it’s about our audience. So when we make that connection in our mind, it makes it a little easier.

David:  You’ve got a bit of a quiz here, asking if you’re a celebrity in your niche. And I noticed there’s a set of questions here, you can ask actually five. Do you want to answer those?

Judy:     Yes. Well, if you wanted to know…If you were, right now, a celebrity in your niche, I have five questions, and all you have to do is just answer yes or no.

My first question is: Are you top of mind when a prospect needs someone in your area of expertise?

Second question is:  Do you have raving fans offering a constant flow of referrals?

Number three would be: Do clients call you, eliminating the need for cold calls?

Number four is: Do you have a full calendar for your services?

And number five would be: Do you have a waiting list for your programs or services?

The way to score the responses is, if you have four to five yeses, then you are a superstar, you’re right there where you need to be. If you have two to three yeses, then you are on your way to being a hometown celebrity. And if you only have zero to one, it’s okay. It just means that it’s time to change your approach and reach for the stars.

David:  Okay. Well that’s quite neat actually. And I suppose you could apply that whether you’re a local business down the street that’s selling lawnmowers, or a plumber, or you could be a person with this great gadget in a shop, or an online business…

speaking5Judy:     Absolutely. It doesn’t matter what business that you’re in as long as you can speak about it, as long as you use your authentic voice and your knowledge and expertise to communicate what you do, you can be in any field at all.

David:  So if I wanted to become a celebrity in my niche, that people do want to reach out and want to call me and reach out for my attention, then do you have any action plans that you could put into place with it?

Judy:     Yes. The first thing you need to do is to decide that you want to be famous in your niche, a little bit famous, and then you need to really think about your image: How will you stand out? How can your look differentiate you from your competition? Because celebrities, they don’t fade into the background, so you need to create a memorable public image that’s going to align with our message and our personality, and then we want to promote that image in everything that we do, such as our marketing materials, our website, and our personal appearances. When we get out and speak, this is what people will remember. We need to decide on our image and then promote it. We also want to share our story. We need to know what our story is and we need to be able to share it with others, the way I told you my story. We all have a story, so that’s what we need to share. People can relate to that because there’s an emotional connection we have with stories. So we need to share that with others and people will be attracted to us through that. We want to speak in samples, and if people want to hear more then we want to create this buzz about ourselves. We don’t want to be generic, so we want to create a character that’s us and it has to suit our personality and our values. That’s very important. Another thing that we want to do is create a movement. We want to have a cause that we support, so we want to position ourselves to this role that we want to be known for. I say, think big and play big. The thing to remember is that big dreams, they don’t cost much anymore. This is your dream. Step into the role and claim it, and when you do, you’ll connect with other people, you’ll connect with the people who are relying on your message, and if it feels right to them, they will follow you. That’s how you build a fan base. That’s how you get those raving fans. You have to have a message. You have to believe in something. Take a stand for something, and then that movement will create your name and bring it out there. My movement is creating the new face of celebrities. I help people become famous by speaking, so that’s my movement. Same thing is to create this paparazzi movement, you know. I like to use pictures to capture the personality. That’s you. And you can also use videos, not just photography. But whatever you use, you should place them in your social media pages and on your website, if you have one. The key is to let people know the real you, let them see what you look like, and they’ll start making that connection and gather testimonials. You know, what are your fans saying about you? So you want to create that buzz and that’s what creates that celebrity status. That’s fun!

David:  That sounds like a lot of fun, actually. Stepping out of your comfort zone and capturing it on video or photo.

Judy:     Yes. And the other thing is to just get up there and speak. So you have to ask yourself how often do you want to speak, and then you would want to speak everywhere that would fit your schedule. You should look what’s in your geographic area, see what’s comfortable for you, and then create a message and align with the audience that’s in that geographical area. The funny thing is that eventually, you’ll get more and more speaking engagements. You’ll be on stage with big name presenters. Maybe one day you’ll even be the keynote speaker! So you can get your name up in lights on the marquee, or at least on the program pamphlet. So it’s all good.

David:  So just on the line of speaking… If you’ve never gone out and spoken in front of a crowd, one on one is a lot different… Are you suggesting that people in your niche invite some people from some sort of fan base, whether it’s Facebook or your local clubs and get out that way?

Judy:     Oh absolutely! Starting small, starting with networking groups is ideal. It’s nice when you are in groups, where people know you. Perhaps that’ll help you feel more comfortable. The goal is just to get out there and speak. Share your message. That’s how you become known.

David:  Yes, and I suppose if you’ve got testimonials to back up what you have done, it would certainly help.


Judy:     Oh absolutely, and if you can even have other people share out loud in the audience, if you can have people share testimonials that way, instead of them coming from you, having a selection of audience members, that’s very powerful.

David:  Well that sounds really good, great advice in that respect. What about online? What about some sort of website?

Judy:     Yes. If you can have a website, that’s ideal. And if you can have it in your name, a domain with your name, that’s very powerful. But, say you have a common name and the domain name is picked, you can always say, the bob brown, or bob brown author, bob brown speaker, you know. If you have a common name, you can do something like that. It’s good to have a presence online these days because people do search online for everything. You will come down as an expert and you’ll show up in the searches, which is very important.

David:  Well, that’s great. That’s fantastic. I really appreciate it. Well Judy, how do we get in contact with you?

Judy:     You can go to my website,  My contact information is on the website as well. They can call me, they can fill out web forms, and download the free ebooks that I have.

David:  Okay. Thanks for joining us and look out for part two of this interview, the exciting conclusion on how to become a celebrity and become famous in your niche just by applying these techniques that Judy was talking about. It’s really exciting stuff!

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