How to Double Your Coaching Income: Know Yourself – Part 1

by Dr. Michael Craig

If you are a Life Coach, Business Coach or Consultant, and have all the clients you want or need, congratulations! You can pass on this article and go read something else.

If, however, you are among the many coaches who struggle to find the right “formula” for getting new clients, listen up: making more money in coaching is not always about getting new clients! It’s really about maximizing the amount of service and revenue you generate with each client. It’s really about knowing yourself, what you can offer, and knowing which client needs your particular talents the most.

ID-100151110Big Key: Know Yourself.

The fact is, you only have a certain number of hours in the day. You can spend 100% of your waking time chasing new clients and coaching, but at some point you’ll want to slow down and get paid more for doing less. That’s one of the reasons you got into coaching in the first place, right? Right.

So let me cut to the chase here. If you want to attract clients who are willing to pay you the kind of money you need to live well and support your family, you have to convince these clients that you are best for them.

And I’m not talking about SELLING clients. I’m referring to the whole process that leads up to their saying ‘yes’ to your coaching proposal. Most coaches are not real good at sales, and are usually worse as marketers. I say that because of some numbers floating around “out there.” More than half of all coaches, for example, make less than $10,000 a year, according to one survey. That’s less than $40 a day!

So right off the bat, you can see that a little knowledge of sales and marketing (or branding) could go a LONG way towards helping struggling coaches to struggle a bit less. It can also help already-successful coaches do even better. They know, for instance, that it only takes ONE IDEA can dramatically improve their bottom line!

Knowing yourself is the first key. How do you see yourself as a coach? More importantly: how do others see you as a coach? People perceived coaches in different ways and, if you’ve gone out and tried to sell your services, you’re already aware there is usually a lot of resistance to hiring life coaches.

Why is that? Well, one of the reasons is most people don’t know what life coaches actually DO. They’re selling “soft” services and a soft service is that which is undefined. In other words, you’re not producing measurable results or answering a definable problem.

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