How to Double Your Coaching Income: Know Yourself – Part 3

by Dr. Michael Craig

One of the things a lot of coaches fail to recognize is that their skills don’t necessarily match up with what they’re trying to market. If you’re trying to market yourself as a life coach, but your actual skill is editing, wouldn’t it make more sense to be an editing coach or a writing coach, or someone who can help people write or edit? Now, if you no longer enjoy editing, that’s another issue, but find something that has a problem attached to it.

ID-100123106People are looking for solutions to problems. If you can match that skill to the market that’s looking to find what you have to offer, you have a much better chance of selling your services.

If you want to DOUBLE your income, you have chance to do that several ways:

1) increase the number of clients,

2) increase your number of products and services, and

3) increase the frequency of your offerings.

But it all starts with knowing yourself.

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