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It usually doesn’t matter if your blog is a personal one that you accomplish just because you are bored, or if you’re a really serious internet marketer who uses blogs to generate income, everyone wants to find out how to increase blog traffic. That is usually the universal question.

Well, the great news is that just by utilizing a blog format for your site, you have already accomplished a lot to gain more targeted traffic to your website. The search engines welcome new content all the time and since blogs are restructured far more often than a fixed site would be, the search engines see that as a content driven site and will place it higher in the ranks.

There are several methods you can try, for free of course, to increase blog traffic. And bear in mind that it’s not just about any kind of traffic, it’s about garnering quality traffic, one that is made up of people who are really interested in the content of your blog.

Here are few of the most effective strategies you can do to increase blog traffic:

1. Update your posts more often.  The more frequently you post new content to your blog, the more often it will get noticed by the search engines and you will be given a higher page ranking and more free traffic.  A warning though: like vitamins, don’t think that if one is good, 20 must be even better.  If you post too many times in one day, the search engines will realize that you are not creating your site in a ‘natural’ method and they will punish you for it.

A highly effective rule is to place one post every day for 21 days. I don’t know why, but that’s just the rule.  After this, you can taper down to several posts a week if you want to, or you can just continue with one post a day, it’s all up to you.

2. Create articles that will direct readers to take a look at your website.  You can make use of the free Google keyword tool to choose the kinds of keyword phrases that people are using to find your blog, than write quality articles based on that keyword. You can then submit your article without charge to article directories such as

3. Research a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and start using those methods on your blog.  This will let your site be attractive to search engines. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about SEO; just a couple of basic concepts can be a great help.

4. Scout other blogs and place comments with a link back to your site.  This will not only make you seem like you are knowledgeable in your field, but they will also be keen on checking out your blog and find out more about what you have to say, presuming that you make insightful and interesting comments.

These techniques are the easiest methods that will help you to increase blog traffic. Don’t waste a lot of money on costly pay per click campaigns when you can have better results just by investing in a little time and effort.

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