Power in the Post

When it comes to Online Business, there is Power in the Post.

Everyone in business can make a real go of success once they realise there is power in the post. A lot of people think that one or two posts describing their business and their stuff and their notions is all it takes. Well that is not strictly true. Ever consider blog posting? There is more to it all (of course)…

Imagine going to shop where the owner just keeps talking about themselves, over and over, relentlessly. It becomes too much for the customer and they go elsewhere without a second thought. The same is online. There is power in the post – to make or break the customer and their next move.

As a business owner – you can either:
1. Talk about yourself and your business and nothing new news (of interest) to the customers and prospects.
2. Not talk about anything and not say anything – keep silent so no one knows you are even there…
3. Talk about the things that are interesting in your field and the things that will interest your customer who is looking for information in that field. That is true blog posting.

Obviously number 3 is the better way to go, as it keeps people interested in what you have to say – and indirectly in what you have to sell, offer.
So – next time you are thinking of writing / talking / sharing something about your business, just remember that it is not about you – or your business, but rather the people in your niche…. the customers who use the information and products. They get facts and interest from your blog posting.

Now that is something to consider… because there is real power in your posts. (or lack of posts).

Happy writing.

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