Recognizing the Different Types of Business Videos

We will look at the many different types of business videos and see what you can apply in your business.

As you’re going through, you’ve got to realize that you’re making a business video, not a Hollywood production. This will showcase everything that you do. You can have little transitions, intro music, pictures, motion, text, and you can even showcase yourself. But it’s most important that you keep it simple. You can be clever, but you need to have a clear call to action. You need to have a direction of where you want your customers to go. We’re going to have a look at introductory videos, lead capture videos, product sales videos, advertisement videos, and training videos. Let’s get into it.

First up, we’ve got Introductory Videos. These are videos where you are saying hello or you are welcoming. You’re not selling anything, you don’t want to sound savvy, and it’s going to go for a short period of time. It is literally just saying hello, welcome to our site, this is what you can get out of it, and thank you for visiting. Basically, that’s what you really want to say. It has to be short, and it’s got to be direct to the point. You can’t muck around and go back and forth with wasteful information. With introductory videos, you’re not actually saying hello to everybody, you’re just saying hello to the customer, the single customer who’s visiting your site. You’ve got to keep it very personal. Otherwise, you will feel as if you are losing people to the masses.

The thing you have to keep in mind with introductory videos is that they should be automatically started or in a prominent position where the viewer can click on it if they wish and click it off as well. It should be sharp, short, and to the point, with a single call to action which is, most probably, “Have a look around our site, welcome, and enjoy what you’re looking for… ” that sort of stuff. No sales whatsoever. It should be purely introductory.

Next on the list, we’ve got Lead Capture Videos. This is where you will ask your prospect to fill in a form for something, for free or worth of value, and they would happily give you this information, such as their personal details, for something better which is really worth it. The reason has to be very good. It has to be something worth their while and you’d have to make sure that you over deliver things. So before they give you their personal details, you have to make sure that you’re going to give them great value and a real reason to give their information. They’re not just going to give it to you for any reason; it’s got to be a good reason. Just remember, it’s all about the customer. The things you could give them could be a subscription to your newsletter, a free report which is really detailed and made especially for your field or business, something they would want to know. You could offer them a discount voucher for future sales. You could give them the latest secrets about what’s happening in the industry. And even an exclusive guide that you’re not offering anywhere else except here, and it’s got to be of great value. That way, they would want to give you their details.

You’ve got to keep your lead capture video short and to the point. You’ve got to make sure your clear call to action is exactly that, very clear. So you could have your lead capture video playing, and at the end of it, you could say, “This is what I want you to do. Enter your name and email address, and you’ll get this great information, you’ll get this great free download… ” Whatever it is, you have to keep it very clear, concise, and to the point. There should only be one call to action per video. Not two, not three… just one.

1011_3.jpgOkay next on the list, we’ve got Product Sales Videos. These videos are where you can sell something to the customers. It’s very important that you get these orders correct. Just remember that they are meant to sell, and it’s the idea of a better solution to the customer’s problem, not necessarily about the product’s features. What you’re going on about is the customer’s benefits. Just remember that customer benefits are not product features. Customer benefits are all about the customer, and product features are all about the product. You want to make sure that you tie in the product so that the customer will get the most benefit out of it, and you’re almost coming to the rescue about a problem that they might have.

Now just remember, you’re not meant to bore the customer with senseless details about the product. You set a scenario where the customer has a problem, and they need the problem to be solved. Then you can say how good it will be or how better it will be if the problem will be solved, and they would imagine themselves with the problem, all disappeared, moving forward, and they would be so much better off. And it just so happens that your product happens to be there to help solve their problem. You could say it’s not the only solution, but it’s the best solution at this time. You want to make sure that they recognize their problem, and then see your product as one of the solutions.

The video can be longer. It can’t be too long, but just long enough to portray the whole message. It can’t be boring, and it can’t be a monotone. You have to literally set up a problem, solve the problem, show them how much better off they can be, and say, “Well, we hope to have a product that will solve the problem and this is what it would do, and this is how it would work, and you would be so much better off because of it.” Just remember though, that people’s attention span is very short. Anything longer than 10 minutes will make you start to lose them. You want to make sure that your message flows. Your product sales video is exactly that. It solves their problem with your product. Now, do not forget that people’s attention spans are very short. You do not want to bore people.

The point of a good sales video is that it has a good storyline, it’s got a good piece of content, and it makes you continue to watch right through to the very end. The secret if you want to do a sales page video is that it needs to have a good copy, and it has to flow in such a way that you want to watch the whole thing.

Next we have the Advertisement Videos. This is where you might have a really short, sharp, and punchy sales video which tells the customer where the problem is, the solution, and your product. It’s really short and it could go into the customer benefits. It could show them the value and it could make the product stand out. You’re going to make sure all of this stands out and are incorporated in the advertisement. By that, I mean, it really has to flow very fast.

Advertisements are very quick. They’re usually from 10 seconds up to a minute, no longer than that. You’ve got to look at people’s attention span and realize that advertisements are interrupting what people are doing, interrupting their train of thought. You’re throwing something out at them, saying, “Hey, before you move on, here’s something that you should really look at.” So basically, an advertisement is interrupting, but it’s got to capture their attention and imagination, although only for a short period of time. You could show a picture or an image of a product and offer better value by doing so. So if it’s a radio ad, you would want to paint a picture by using descriptive words. If it’s a video, or some sort of image, you would want to make sure that you include images which stimulate the imagination so that people can understand what you are talking about, without using too much of their own imagination. You want to give out all the information right up there in front, and that’s what an advertisement is all about. An advertisement video is motion, you want to show some sort of motion picture. You want to make sure that you give them all the information so that they can make a decision and lock your advertisement in their brain for life.

1842.jpgNext we have the Training Videos. There’s nothing worse than sitting in some sort of training session that just drags on and on and on. You want to make sure that whatever you present is short, sharp, and to the point. Now it could be a lot of training and a lot of information, but each point has to be concise so that you’re not losing people along the way. It can be full of great content, but if your video goes for, let’s say, a couple of hours, then you would want to break it up into half hour maximum per video. So instead of having a two-hour long training session, you could break it up into four half-hour sessions. That way, peoples’ attention spans are locked away very quickly. They will have the opportunity then to move on and go get a drink of water, relax, or stretch a bit, and then get back into the next point. And you will find that if your training video is very, very well structured, that they will want to play the next video almost immediately.

Your training has to be very direct, and you can’t dribble on with it. You have to make sure that you present the information, such that it flows, and that they get exactly what you are trying to tell them, step-by-step. It’s going to be easy to understand. If they see something on the screen in front of them, like some sort of screen capture video, they will understand exactly what you mean. It’s working through the problems, step-by-step, that really helps out.

You would want to number the videos as well. For instance, if you have a two-hour long video, and you break it up into four, you’d have to describe it as “Video One of Four.” That way, they would know exactly where they are through the whole series. It just makes things flow a lot better, that’s all.

There’s no real training video mastermind way of doing things. You just have to make sure that the way you present makes sense, flows from the beginning to the end, and at the end of the training, you should have answered each of the questions that your customer or prospect would have been asking. Whatever you promise in the beginning, you have to answer right through the video so that at the end, there are no more questions that could be asked from you.

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