Savvy Business or Just Another One in the Crowd ?

ID-10031740There is a lot of competition when it comes to business. You can either sit on the side lines and watch things happen around you, or you can be on the forefront and make the trends that everyone else will eventually follow.

Using video today is such a must. People expect to see the professionalism and personal touch that video can so readily offer.

Here’s the best part… It doesn’t need to be too elaborate, or Steven Spielberg Professional, it just has to fit in with your website and products… you personal touch. 

A savvy business will make things happen with video, and promote their products.

A side business will watch everyone else do it, then get on board after it’s too late.

If you have an iphone, or smart phone, then there is literally no excuse as to why you aren’t doing video. Make it work for you.

Some ideas for video include:

• Talk about the product in a slide show presentation
• Talk about the product “on face” talking to the camera.
• Interview some customers and get some great tips, and feedback
• Share some great tips about how to use your product
• Show people how to use and the features of your product
• Make a short video ad
• Tip of the week
• Share the benefits (different to features)
• video of people just having fun with the product


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