Something New Every time you turn around

Keeping Up ?

It seems there is something new everytime you turn around when it comes to marketing online and trying to reach out to other people through the web. If you know what you are doing or even if you are flying by the seat of your pants, we are all limited to one thing…

TIME. ID-10037535

It governs ALL of our abilities to get things done.

One thing you must be totally aware of is NOT to get distracted by the “shiny new bells an whistles”. When it comes to marketing, you need to find your methods and stick with the. You need to do what you do best – and don’t be distracted.

If you get into the habit of trying to find the best solution all of the time – then you end up not getting anything done.

So… If you feel as though you are not keeping up with the new things in the online world, that is OKAY ! don’t be ashamed of that. Technology will keep going and expanding – but us mere mortals must remember that people are interested in people and the things we do…  Technology is only a vehicle to deliver content and connect people. You keep doing what you do best.

If you try and keep up with everything – then you will simple spiral out of the control and go nowhere fast. Before you know it things are moving faster and faster… don’t get caught.

…so in conclusion, make sure you know wha you are doing when it comes to marketing YOUR Products and Services – and don’t get too hung up on the what else is going on around us.

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David C


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