Stop Wasting Your Time

Stop Wasting your time – Make the most of it.

Throughout your Business there are certain things that could be done better, and other things that should be put into better use.
We need to be aware of the things that are time wasters, and also be aware of the LOST opportunity, and use our resources better.
So what do I mean by all of this ?
have a good listen to the audio and you will soon discover that we can better use our time, even if we think we are doing everything correctly.

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– Stop Wasting Your Time
So consider – are you still wasting your time ?

David C

Hello, it’s David from

Today’s discussion is all about stop wasting your time. Now, I say this with tongue and cheek, but, I really mean it: you need to stop wasting your time. There are certain things we do in our internet business and our general home business that are indeed wasting our time. Now we need to minimize these and work towards using whatever we have productively. Let me clarify.

Do you ever feel like when you write an article, or record something, or make a video, or put an affiliate link on something, that it’s a waste of time? That you put some effort in and you don’t see any results? Well, they’re the things I’m talking about. Whatever you do, you gonna make very productive and what I mean by productive is that we can actually re-use that information later on. We could use it to actually record, to make a video to put some blog posts up, to write an article and to put it out to many many different article directories. So if we put the effort in once, can we use this on multiple media levels? Can we use it over and over again? In other words, we’re making our time very productive. One of the things that people get really confused with is the value of their own time. They think that because they have to pay someone that it’s not really worth their while. They think they’re probably better off doing it themselves. But, you need to put a value on your own time and if you do that then you will quickly see that by paying someone else to do the job, whether it be a menial task or whether it be a massive task, that it is more cost effective to pay someone else to do it. Now as an entrepreneur, you need to realize that there are some things which are just a waste of money and there are other things which are total value for money. Let me try and clarify that point.

If you could imagine that your time is worth 100 dollars an hour and it takes you an hour to write an article, or half an hour to write an article, or even 15 minutes to write a decent article, now how much time have you invested if it took you an hour? It’s essentially costing you a hundred dollars an hour for that one article! If you write it in half an hour, then it’s essentially fifty dollars for that one article, or for 15 minutes to come up with a brilliant article, it’s still costing you 25 dollars for an article! Now, what does that really do for your time? It shows you that you’re not really investing your time wisely! Now, what happens if you value your time at 20 dollars an hour? Then an hour writing an article will cost you 20 dollars! For half an hour writing an article, you’re essentially getting the article for about 10 dollars, and if it’s 15 minutes, then you’re essentially paying five dollars for that one article.

Now I suppose the next question, is how do you value your time? What is a realistic figure that you would put on it? Is it realistic to say I am worth 100 dollars an hour or I am worth only 20 bucks an hour? The question is, how much would you get paid if you had to go and work for that money right now? That if you have a daytime job, would you actually be getting 20 bucks an hour? Would you be actually getting thirty bucks or a hundred dollars an hour? And that will give you a rough guide, firstly as to what your time is worth. That if you’re missing out on working for somebody else and you had to reinvest that time on your own business, then that is what essentially you are costing yourself. So it puts a whole new meaning on the word wasting time, or value for money, or what is your time really worth? Now we got to get this into a head early. That way, when we make our decisions about what we are going to pay for and what we will invest in, it really becomes crystal clear as to what we really should be doing and what we should not be doing.

Now we just used an example of writing an article. It could be for other things as well. But you have to invest your time in setting up a website, or making a graphic for a website, or writing some copyright for a website, or a landing page, or an optin box, etc. Now you have to really consider what you are good at and what you are not really good at. If you’re really good at making graphics, then it would only take you probably two or three minutes to do a graphic. Well then it’s probably worth your doing these things. But if you’re not fantastic at it and you haven’t exactly got the great eye for a  graphic to make a great display that would come up on your ad or on your website, then it is probably better to outsource in on those tasks to somebody else who is good at it. Now sure you will have the final say and you’ve still got to critique it, but consider how much time you would’ve wasted or invested by doing it yourself. Sometimes it is just better to pay for that.

Or, what happens if you’re setting up a website and you’re running into this problem on how to do some html coding and it’s not working out for you? And your investing hours upon hours trying to figure out this medial task, while someone who is an expert at it could probably do the same task in five minutes flat? Yes it is worth paying him 20 bucks to come and do that. Whatever task it might be, you really got to weigh these things up and put a value on your time. Is it worth getting the product up and running early and paying let’s say, a hundred, or 200 dollars to get all these things done? Or do you not want to pay this 200 dollars or 100 dollars or whatever the cost might be and do it all yourself? In which case it takes you five or ten times longer to get it all up and running? Now that’s all about evaluating your own time and putting a real value for money on yourself. Don’t forget you’re in business here, so anything that you put money towards it is directly input into your business. So don’t shirk at putting five dollars, ten dollars, or 20 bucks against simple tasks which are an investment into your business.

So how do you actually find some people to do these tasks for you? Are they out there waiting for you to give them a call? Well yes, but you got to go out and know where to get them. And you want the best people to do these tasks as well. And there are many sites that can actually promote these people and they’re really good at what they do. Now consider, or, or These are all brilliant sites which allow people to contract to yourself to do tasks, whatever it might be; as a virtual assistant, whether its graphics, writing an article, putting up a website, or doing copywriting, or whatever it might be. The fact is that you got to use your time better and you use other people who are more experienced in this when it really counts. And there’s a saying that goes with that, and that is: only do what only you can do. Now let me clarify that.

If you can do copywriting and you’re really, really good at copywriting, well then, do copywriting. But at the same time, if you’re not good at doing graphics for a website, well then don’t do graphics for a website. Just remember that there are many people out there who can do copywriting and there are many people who can do graphics for a website. But on the other hand, if you are the only one who knows your product inside and out and you’re the only one who can explain it the way you do, then you should concentrate on doing the marketing for that particular product. You should explore those products and write them down where no one else knows this stuff just like you. They’re the things which you should spend most of your time on. And a lot of people get caught up in doing their business rather than working at their business the proper way, so a lot of people are busy doing, when really they should be busy in it.

Now how much time do you really do spending on marketing? A lot of people spend a lot of time getting everything together, but forget about the marketing right at the end. Now it’s not good enough. Don’t forget you’re in internet marketing or affiliate marketing. Marketing should be one of the first priorities to think of: how you’re going to promote it, how you’re going to do your marketing campaign, what’s your target audience, and all that sort of stuff, and leave all the how to stuff out to someone else. If it’s putting graphics together and doing some copywriting and that sort of thing, then some people can whip that together for you rather quickly and you concentrate on how it’s supposed to be marketed and how to do it properly.

So recapping on all we said so far. We mentioned stop wasting your time, and that is, if you do a task, make sure you can duplicate it over and over again using different sources of media. If you write an article, turn it into an audio product. Make a video slide presentation of the same article, break it up and put it onto blog posts. Use the same article in emails that you’re going to send to your client base. All of this is different messages using the same article. Now people like to have different sources of different types of media coming to them all at a time. Even if it is the same article, they still get a kick out of getting a new piece of information. Now that is leveraging your time properly.

Another point of don’t waste your time is making sure that you only do what only you can do. You concentrate on the marketing aspect and get other people from sites like fiverr or elance to do all of the other stuff for you. Make sure you leverage your time properly by putting a value on your time. If you value your time right in the beginning and understand how much you are really worth per hour, then you will realize that you should be outsourcing more of your work. I hope this will make sense and I hope it will benefit your business in moving forward.

I’m David from mywealthyweb. Catch you next time!

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