Why Poor Marketing will leave your business DEAD

Business Marketing is essential for Survival So you have a business ! Be careful – it may as well be dead unless you market to the right prospects and frequently. Like everything – A great Idea needs marketing. Sad but … Continue reading

Everything Comes at a Price…

Everyone wants success, but are they willing to pay the price? Some people go at it half-heartedly, while others go whole-heartedly and never quite get there… Sometimes it is so close you can almost taste it, almost reach out and touch it. … Continue reading

New Business Marketing Strategies Podcasts

Business Marketing Strategies I am delighted to announce the arrival of the Business Marketing Strategies Podcast – available iTunes and PodOmatic. The Podcasts cover all types of topics from Entrepreneurs to Business Marketing – even video marketing strategies. We discuss … Continue reading

Business Video Marketing Strategies

There is so much you can do with video. It applies to almost every business, whether offline or online, small and large businesses, and local or global ones. Videos can show case your business or venture with ease; highlighting your … Continue reading