Relationship Marketing : How to Win Clients for Life

Is Relationship Marketing what is missing in Today’s Business World ? I believe in Relationship marketing. Constant followup and staying connected is Very Important. In fact it is vital for a lasting relationship and ongoing business. I found this article … Continue reading

writing a good marketing email

Marketing with good effective emails When we market to people via email we have to remember why we are doing things, and who we are marketing to. Often we get all excited about simply getting out there and just blasting … Continue reading

Why Most Success Courses Don’t Work – Part 3

by: Dr Michael Craig For most people these statements should test strong, or “true.” Once you are able to establish a consistent test for these, you might have them say a few sentences like these: “I raise giraffes in my back yard … Continue reading

Why Most Success Courses Don’t Work – Part 2

by: Dr Michael Craig Wouldn’t it be nice to have… Your left AND right brains on board? Your body on board? Your emotions on board? Your intuition come into play effortlessly, and your memory of family, friends, and everything that’s ever happened in your … Continue reading

Why Most Success Courses Don’t Work – Part 1

by Dr Michael Craig Let’s face it, in addition to books like Think and Grow Rich there have been hundreds – nay, thousands – of books, CD’s and marketing programs and seminars on how to make money online, and find success, wealth, and … Continue reading

Savvy Business or Just Another One in the Crowd ?

There is a lot of competition when it comes to business. You can either sit on the side lines and watch things happen around you, or you can be on the forefront and make the trends that everyone else will eventually follow. … Continue reading

Who Are You? Really…

Are you someone to settle for second best? One who will settle for something that you are not happy with? When we seek deep down inside ourselves, and ask ourselves the simple, yet hard question, we find that we are … Continue reading

The Process of Attaining Success

It is important to understand the principles on how to set in motion the methods that will produce the effects you want. “Cause and Effect”. We want you to understand that it is simple, yet fundamentally paramount – that these … Continue reading

Which Brain Decides To Buy… Or Not? – Continued

by Yevgeniy Grytsenko Got old foggy-looking headlights on your car? Just wipe them with this cream and they’ll look like new. Have wrinkles? Just put this miracle cure and you’ll look 20 years younger. Need to lose weight? Take this … Continue reading