The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 1

ID-10069199The term affiliate marketing has so many “connotations” now it is a little disturbing. Just the fact that you may send people to a website via your affiliate link does not necessarily mean that you are an affiliate marketer. Sure you may be going through the motions, but a real affiliate marketer actually does more than just that, they build relationships and a following in each niche they delve into. They become the expert that people trust. Even if you are just introduced to them, you quickly see that they are the expert and almost instant rapport is established. Super affiliates use this to their advantage, and truly do well at their craft.

Even when they explode their traffic web into their offer, people have no other option “but to” submit or purchase, because the structure is just too good to miss.

If you want to learn how to become a brilliant super affiliate, then you have to implement these 7 critical steps that most people just gloss over. In that regard, you could even say they are secret!

Now there are many aspects to each step that need to be fully embraced. In fact we could do a full course on each of these very aspects alone. None the less, let’s consider the 7 critical steps:

1. Avoid the hard sell. (People don’t like “in your face marketing”)
A lot of people say that they don’t like advertisements. But the fact is that they work. However, one thing that people don’t like, and get annoyed with very quickly is loud and “in your face” advertisements. Nowadays people prefer to hear and see ads that are thought provoking, quieter and not abrupt and enjoyable. As long as you have a catchy tune or theme in the ad people will remember the product. For myself and my family, there are certain ads that come onto TV or the radio and we mute them immediately because they’re are almost invasive. They annoy us, so we switch off. The same is true for banner ads and other Internet adverts that are too in your face. So, be careful of the type of ads and marketing you use.

2. Utilize congruency. (Your affiliate product must be harmony with the ad, discussion)
When running any campaign or affiliate ads or articles, they must continue on from the ad or initial information and be in harmony with the train of thought that your customer is experiencing. In other words, your affiliate offer must not change your customers emotion and thought pattern form your initial ad or article, but rather strengthen their hunger for an answer to their problem.

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