The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

3. Relationships. (Build a relationship – Recommendations always work better than cold placement)

ID-10094971Write to your prospects and generate more interest in the niche. The best way to communicate with your prospects is either email or RSS article promotion (real simple syndication from blog posts), where they can see your interesting messages come through that may help them. The messages and emails should be interesting, spark curiosity and fulfill their desire to learn more about the niche, highlighting your affiliate offers as the solution (word-smithing and persuasive well constructed sentences). Without slamming things down their throat, you foster a good relationship and encourage them to take actions towards the solutions (including your affiliate offers).

4. Consistency. (It takes 4 to 5 exposures to a product for most people to buy)

It is very rare that affiliates will make really good money off a campaign that prospects only seen once. Most people take repeat exposure to offers to see the value in it so they take action. When you have a subscriber list you have great opportunity to show your offer to your prospect many times over. Once people click through and take action on your affiliate offer, they are also more likely to follow your advice on other products you promote as well.

5. Generate interest. (Give them something they can keep and refer back to like a report or mini book full of great information and links as it will spark more targeted interest and results).

It is not hard to write a great report or book that people can download / print out and read at a later stage. I know when I am interested in a certain niche, I download reports and books and read them later… especially on my iPad which can click through the clickable links!. It is because people with busy lives schedule time to read and look at books and information. It is also a good thing because they are usually in their “quiet place” with no distractions, which means they are more likely to take action on you advice (and affiliate offers)!

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