The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 3

6. Promotion. (marketing and exposure using a fluid sales /action process will deliver the best results every time)

ID-100240767It is imperative that you promote the product and affiliate offer. Firstly, there is a saying in marketing that goes like “once you promote your product, market your product”. In other words, market, promote, and market some more. The more exposure your product gets (in front of the right targeted audience) the more referrals and sales you will get. What is the use of the best product in the world if no one knows about it? Secondly, although it is important to use the right method of delivery for your product / affiliate links, it is critical that you implement an effortless process in which people can easily glide through the process without having to “do work” to get through. This includes promotion and reminding them of the offer. If people have to go to too much effort to get through the purchase or download of your product or affiliate offer, they will simply lose interest and leave before they complete the transaction.

7. Cross promote. (find similar niche products that you can use, re-establish credibility, promote, reinforce credibility and repeat promotion.)

There is only so many times you can promote the same product or affiliate offer to your prospects and customers. After a while they will start seeking other products in that niche from somewhere to compliment what they already have. So you may as well be the one to supply them with that information and product list. It benefits you and benefits them. View it as a win / win for everyone. However, Be warned: only promote products that compliment the original product or affiliate offer otherwise people will see you as only interested in selling them, and not helping them. You will lose these people quicker than ‘a chip amongst sea gulls.’

Using all 7 of these secret golden rules you will dominate your niche. It is not a matter of IF, but rather WHEN. They are truly powerful and very exciting when they are working for you!

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