The Process of Attaining Success

ID-100183950It is important to understand the principles on how to set in motion the methods that will produce the effects you want.

“Cause and Effect”. We want you to understand that it is simple, yet fundamentally paramount – that these steps are followed. If you have ever wondered why you have “desired” something, yet not attained it, then consider these reasons. It is usually because the Process of attaining success was not followed. No matter how small or how great – all successes follow the same formula.

You don’t need to be super special, and you don’t need to be “talented” or “gifted” to make your wishes come true. You only need to follow these fundamental steps:

Step 1—Make your wish – Set your Goal, focus on your Worthy Ideal.

Determine what you want, appreciate its importance. Align your life ideals with this goal or wish. Then you have to determine the effect you want it to have in your life (no matter how small or big it might seem). Once you have selected that effect, WRITE IT DOWN. Put it in a prominent place – like on your fridge – or bathroom vanity mirror. It has to be crystal clear.

Step 2—Make a plan – Step by Step.

Create a plan of action to make your wish come true. Break it down into smaller steps that can be easily achieved. (Because for every little success step, you get more excited about achieving your goals and wishes). Make the steps achievable, that once you achieve a step, you can cross it off the list, so you can see your progress. Don’t make the steps too small that you have to do 100 steps for simple tasks. Make it relative to the complexity of your wishes or goals.

Step 3—Take action – Start with Step 1.

Set into motion the actions that will make your wish come true. Start today. Once you get momentum, get going. Once you complete a step – cross it off the list with a nice red pen or strikethrough line. It feels good to make progress. The biggest thing is to start the action list TODAY !

Step 4—Never Give Up.

Finish what you start and always persist. When you created your list you should have made every step achievable, (even if they are difficult tasks), So – There is no reason to give up. Sure you can redefine your goals and direction, but that should only happen if you replace them with other goals or wishes. Don’t “Do nothing”. Keep moving and Never Give Up. After all, they are YOUR dreams.

Keep in mind the following principle:

To get whatever you want from life you have only to set in motion the appropriate cause, and the effect will take care of itself.

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