Video Marketing Polite Persistence Tips

Video Marketing Polite Persistence Tips

Tips with VideoIf you use Video Marketing incorporating these Polite Persistence Tips, you will really increase your online presence. Being out-front and standing out from the crowd is all about being in front of your prospects. (you could do it either standing in front of a camera – or doing a short powerpoint slideshow video). I think her tips here are great –  just see how you can incorporate them into a video message as well.


Tips – The Perfect Tool for Polite Persistence

An article By Paulette Ensign

Sending a whole book or even an article to your prospects and clients as a way maintain top of mind awareness with them about what you offer can be simply too much — for you and for them, even when it’s an online file rather than a printed version.

It means you need to constantly write information, keeping it fresh and interesting. It’s not to say that once in a while you can’t send them a book or an article or a video or audio link to download, especially since it’s important to address various learning styles and life styles. And sometimes the situation warrants a printed copy, too,

However, think of your own typical day. What do you do with the invitation to download a book, even at no cost? You may download it and then maybe read it, maybe not. You might read part of it and not the whole thing.

Articles, the same thing. How often do you un-subscribe from e-zines you truly enjoy because you simply have too many of them coming in? Or you just hit delete because you don’t want to risk offending the person who sent it to you.

Sending those same folks an easy-to-implement “how-to” tip that represents your expertise on a periodic basis — maybe once a week or once every two weeks — comes under the heading of polite persistence. When those folks are ready to buy your products and services, it’s easy for them to locate you because you show up in their inbox often enough to easily find you if they wait a moment (or look back in their online trash basket) yet not too often to be a nuisance.

Creating the tips becomes easier than you might imagine as you take them from something you wrote once, and then use many times. The source can be your full-length book or tips booklet or the transcript from an audio or video product or a speech or interview you presented.

Delivering the tips can easily be automated for pre-scheduled distribution through email marketing in your e-zine, or pre-scheduled to post on various social media sites. Your tips can be loaded into your e-zine or social media automation tools all at once for a month or calendar quarter at a time, or for the whole year. It can be done by you or by a virtual assistant.

Look at what raw material you already have — books, booklets, workshop outlines, interview talking points, top-10 lists, audio and video transcripts, and any other notes or products you’ve fully or partially developed. There’s gold to mine for tips as the perfect tool for polite persistence with those who value what you offer.

Once you’ve decided how often you want to distribute the tips and where you want to send them, get them loaded into the mechanism that will do the job for you. It could be a short-term experiment of a month or two, so you can see how it works for you and the kind of response you get, or you can just go for it and do it for longer.

Doing this means you become helpful; your prospects and clients become appreciative for good stuff that’s less of a burden to digest; everyone benefits in ways often beyond what they imagined. Start today, even if it’s with a few tips over a few weeks. Pretty do-able, isn’t it? You choose.

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