website analytics to increase traffic

Use Website Analytics to Increase Traffic to your site

website analytics

we were using – Google Analytics
But we needed a change.
We went to –
options were abundant.

– google analytics: google owns the data
– yahoo analytics – they own the data – you own the data. you own the stats.
– heaps more…

web stats show you your future as well.
you don’t want to going round in cycles.
Good stats in any business is paramount – if you want to grow – you need good stats.
Part 1…


knowing how to read the data is very important
how long do they actually stay in your site.
once you get them there – you need to keep them there.
There are so many different forms of posts now…
video and audio
text – but is boring.
Part 2…

we live in an information world.
website analytics – works for you…
BUT only if you read it.

Part 3…

Thanks – Use Website analytics to help your business today.


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