Website Landing Pages that Either Rock or Flop

Does Your Website Landing Page Rock or Flop ?

Have you ever wondered why some Website landing pages absolutely Rock, and why others Flop ? It usually comes down to one simple reason; and it’s the same reason why when people in general go somewhere to buy something or get something, they either love it there and buy more things – or they quickly get what they wanted and quickly get out of there.They may even become confused with the messages they get upon arrival – they may even get confused with the messages that are displayed – so they don’t do what you expected them to do.  IN THOSE cases we would say that reaction and outcome was a FLOP.
It is imperative to deliver the right type of content and message on your landing page.Here are some tips on what you should do:

  1. If people come for a download X Y Z, then you should deliver Download X Y Z in a non-confusing way… BUT you should also Compliment the X Y Z with other Complimenting salable products, services or affiliate products.
  2. Set the Landing Page out neatly so people can Easily navigate around. This is VITAL as stairsit reflects on your whole image. Give them direction – like leading up a set of stairs. Use bullet points or numbers – Bolding, underlining etc.
  3. Have Ads running around the download – but they cannot be confronting. Make them blend in and seem natural on the page to the reader. You don’t want to scare them off, but at the same time you want to present more opportunities to them.
  4. Use pictures and images where possible – people are image driven and as they say… a picture is worth a thousand words. Yes pictures work for better results.
  5. Have clear language. Don’t speak in general – direct them exactly where you want them to go. Give them an ACTION – to follow. Use arrows or step numbers if you want as it is very clear.
  6. Have a means for them to share or like your products and services. That builds further trust and rapport.
  7. Treat people with respect and ONLY promote good products that will not taint your image or reputation. People aren’t stupid and will remember if you treated them like idiots.
  8. Tell them where to expect more information from you – whether it be via your website – your emails, or your facebook. Tell them how to stay in contact with you – as this will keep them coming back and potentially buying more things from you.
  9. Have an introduction of yourself / or your company. Become real. you are not just a faceless name behind a brand or product. Even if you don’t want to be seen, then create a persona or avatar that represents your company.
  10. Reference your general website on the base of the landing page to encourage them to explore the remainder of your site network. It also shows that you are not just a “one page wonder”. People want to buy from someone real – but they want to be sure they can form trust in a business that has a decent online presence.

In summary –

Your Website Landing page should be neat, tidy, easy to navigate and give them exactly what they signed up for.


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