Which Brain Decides To Buy… Or Not? – Continued

by Yevgeniy Grytsenko

Got old foggy-looking headlights on your car? Just wipe them with this cream and they’ll look like new.

Have wrinkles? Just put this miracle cure and you’ll look 20 years younger.

Need to lose weight? Take this magic pill and weight will drop on it’s own.

However, none of these commercials advertise that: Headlights would require extensive polishing and several applications most likely will be needed to achieve somewhat desired result. That one will have to also look into stress levels and diet to help with aging and… That it may be absolutely required to lift some heavy weight for a long period of time to lose weight in conjunction with these pills.

ID-100144670See, if advertisers would actually advertise product’s “used manuals”, then sales would drop severely. Old brain loves miracles and does not like any effort. Now you understand that advertising easy and effortless solution to an annoying problem is one of the best ways to appeal to an old brain and make a sale. Just make sure it is easy and effortless. But does anyone has to lie? No… There are ways to either make easy and effortless solutions or there are ways to create a perception of an easy and effortless solution. I personally like doing both. But someone may ask:

“Wait, Yevgeniy, what do you mean by creating a perception is an easy and effortless solution?”

See, we live in a perception-driven World. If someone perceives that something is hard to do, then most likely it will be. If someone perceives that it will be easy – than most likely it will be. For example, if you go to Gold Coast, Australia and ask 100 people if learning how to swim is hard or easy, I am sure that almost all of them will say it is pretty easy… In fact, to them, it is like a second nature.

Now, if you go to Ikela, Africa and ask 100 people the same question, they may tell you that they are even scared to try. Therefore, based on where and whom you asked, you may develop your very own, yet very stubborn perception about swimming. If you never swam, you may either get super excited to try or would be very glad you never went into the ocean.

Do you now see how perception of ease and effortlessness moves masses of products? And yes, it appeals like an irresistible magnet to an old brain. In fact, so irresistible that people often purchase without their conscious awareness!!!

Something to think about !

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