Which Email Auto Responder Should I use?

Effective Email AutoResponders

I’ve Tried them all… and settled with the one that suited me best. I just wish I had of know this in the beginning.

Writing an email is one thing. Setting it up, configuring it and Making sure it gets through is another. There are many different types of AutoResponder Email packages out there. Personally, I have used and tried 4 different types of AutoResponders (AR’s).

1. I started with 1Shopping cart. Whilst this was good, I found it a little cumbersome. I used it for about a year then swapped over to another. Although things were getting through and it was easy enough to use, I wanted something that gave a little more flexibility.
2. I setup an Aweber account next, and use that for a few years. It was easy to use, flexible, and gave great stats. But, you couldn’t add new subscribers (easily) without them having to double opt in. This was a pain for me, as one of my lists was based on an offline business model, and that was a pain. So I tried another…
3. I was told about a very well respected AR system called Sender. it was difficult to use, not straight forward, but apparently very powerful with great stats, the ability to do better split testing, list segments etc. BUT, it could not do affiliate mail outs the way I wanted it to do. That was disappointing. So I went over to the one I am using now.
4. GetResponse is what I use now because it is easy to use, CHEAP, and powerful all at the same time. It was much like Aweber, but cheaper, and had great templates. You could also easily add new subscribers manually, without them having to double optin. That was very important to me. and That is why I ended up with Getresponse.

I wish I have of known all of that when I first started, as it would have saved a lot of time, and effort. As you can imagine, changing AutoResponders takes a lot of work.
So – If you are considering which AutoReponder to use, then I believe either GetResponse or Aweber are the best for beginners, intermediate and advanced users all the same, as they cater for all.

What ever you choose, it has to suit your needs for a good price. If it doesn’t, then use something else.

Knowing this up front is certainly easier than after you are already half way through campaigns.



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