Who Are You? Really…

Are you someone to settle for second best? One who will settle for something that you are not happy with?

When we seek deep down inside ourselves, and ask ourselves the simple, yet hard question, we find that we are often not who we think we are.

Ask yourselves these questions to help find who and what you are.

1. What do I enjoy? What is my hobby?

2. Do I like helping others – for nothing in return?

3. Do I like my job? Could I spend the rest of my life doing it with a smile on my face?

4. How can I get more satisfaction by working less and having more time for the things I like to do?

5. Is there something I can do immediately to begin my better journey?

There is always room for improvement in all of us… These questions help prompt us to seek more and pursue more. More answers on helping ourselves can be foundĀ here.

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