Why Most Success Courses Don’t Work – Part 2

by: Dr Michael Craig

ID-10012783Wouldn’t it be nice to have…

Your left AND right brains on board? Your body on board? Your emotions on board? Your intuition come into play effortlessly, and your memory of family, friends, and everything that’s ever happened in your life not holding you back whenever you make a decision?

You can do this. But you must be able to use what I call “motivational cybernetics” . . . this is when muscle testing is used to test the body’s response to any given thought or idea. The idea is to get more direct messages from the subconscious mind – through the body – in a series of “yes” and “no” answers, based on whether or not that muscle goes weak. Here’s how it works:

It’s best to work with a partner. Let’s say you’re the tester and your partner is the subject. Choose a muscle to test – one that is both easy to reach and will give you the clearest indication of a yes/no answer.

I usually select the deltoid, or shoulder, muscle since it’s the easiest to test. Have the person raise his/her arm out to the side, parallel to the ground and follow what I call the 3-3-3 Method. Standing slightly behind (or in front of) and to the side of the person, I do the following:

Using 3 fingers on the person’s wrist and say “Hold,” Wait 3 seconds, then press steadily downward on the wrist with about 3 pounds of pressure. Tell the person this is not a contest of strength. All you want them to do is meet your downward pressure, or “lock” the shoulder in place. Then do a few tests to see if they can “hold.” Once they can respond with a good hold, then have them say a few statements out loud, such as . . .

“My name is (whatever their true name is) . . . Hold.”
“I have two arms and two legs . . . Hold.”
“I have five fingers on each hand . . . Hold.”

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