Why Most Success Courses Don’t Work – Part 3

by: Dr Michael Craig

ID-10075454For most people these statements should test strong, or “true.” Once you are able to establish a consistent test for these, you might have them say a few sentences like these:

“I raise giraffes in my back yard . . . Hold.”
“I weigh 692 pounds . . . Hold,” and so forth . . .

For most people, these statements will test weaker, or a bit “spongy” when you press on the wrist. The main thing is to get a clear test so they can “feel” the difference and make that connection between mind and body.

Once this is established, you can start getting them to make statements about their relationship to money and wealth such as “I can accept X dollars,” “I am committed to earning X dollars,” and so forth.

Muscle testing can uncover deeply-rooted hidden decisions and beliefs that have been running this person’s life for decades. If they are open to it, you can then help them explore their subconscious in ways they never have been before.

But be careful. Navigating through this maze of subconscious decisions, or “soul language,” can be a bit tricky. You need an approach that has been proven to get results, and that poses no threat to the person’s subconscious “laws” that keep them from experiencing greater success.

One such approach is the Money Matrix Method, and you can learn more about it at www.MoneyMatrixMethod.com. Michael offers live and online trainings for those interested in actively pursuing their own legacy.

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