Why Poor Marketing will leave your business DEAD

Business Marketing is essential for Survival

So you have a business ! Be careful – it may as well be dead unless you market to the right prospects and frequently. Like everything – A great Idea needs marketing. Sad but true… Why ?

one leafWe look at this very important question with an air of curiosity. Whilst it is true that a lot of businesses rely on reputation and their products, it is not that simple today. It is now more complicated. Today Businesses have to rely on more than word of mouth. Any start up business or long standing business have to be in front of prospective new clients and customers in order to keep their fair share of playing field. This is so important today – for a number of reasons… Otherwise your business might fade away like a leaf in a dry place.

  • especially because there is just so much competition – on Price and Value.
  • Other people watch you closely and will duplicate your product / service better
  • The world market is so much smaller – even rising non-English speaking countries
  • The world is changing rapidly. be ready
  • Your business / product can easily be forgotten with this fast paced world of action
  • There is always another “Buzz” product ready to take your place

If you market – you reach out to new customers – which will help alleviate any attrition rates. your market share is always limited by the reach you have – widen the reach and you will have more business.

Double / Tripple or even Quadruple Your Business income from marketing with this.

So whether your marketing includes email, ads, internet marketing, Youtube, articles, press releases, audio pod casts or simple blogs and facebook updates, without them you will go no where. Word of mouth can only go so far – so it is imperative to expand your horizons and market your net wider – or at least more extensively.

Reap the rewards of marketing – only if you market to the right audience. Know you audience, your target crowd. Know your conversion numbers when it comes to marketing – otherwise you will be throwing money away quicker that you can bring it in.

You need a marketing plan. Simple – Effective.

Now that is Something to consider.

Marketing – The Life Blood of your business (Targeted Marketing).

David C



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