writing a good marketing email

Marketing with good effective emails

When we market to people via email we have to remember why we are doing things, and who we are marketing to.

Often we get all excited about simply getting out there and just blasting our message when realistically – we have to consider what it sounds like to the prospect. Often times it can just sound like noise. Sales pitch being thrown at them. If this is the case, then it is not fun.

Only a very small percentage of the market will be ready to receive that kind of message from you – and only sometimes will some of them be ready to respond.

Write one email to be sent per day or every two days. (At the least, once a week). Be regular and do not miss long gaps – otherwise people will forget about you.email marketing

Here are Some Tricks for writing Email Marketing Success:

When writing emails to people about your message, remember these aspects:

    1. Remember that they are people, just like you, and they want to listen to you – not your sales pitch.
    2. People are very selective of who they listen to, so be friendly and speak / write in your own voice / personality style.
    3. People don’t like to be sold, but they will buy the right product if it is their choice.
    4. Put the correct message in front of people – with real meaning, and then they will buy.
    5. your market needs to hear from someone in their market (not someone ‘pretending’ to be in their market. Speak their language. Know their terms. understand their needs. Be empathetic and HELP people.
    6. emails should NOT be long and exhaustive – unless you are telling one heck of a story. People Like stories. (only write true stories).
    7. Stick with the truth. Don’t make stuff up just to sell. you will always find a way to tell the truth if you are looking for it. If you need to tell some ‘untruth’ then don’t say it – instead – say something else more compelling that is true. Be genuine.
    8. Share your life experiences. People want to get to know you as a person – not a machine on the other end of the internet. People want to connect with real people.
    9. If you write an email a day in your niche – then you will have everlasting content. If you write 2 emails a day, then you can fill a whole year in literally 1/2 the time !
    10. Keep you emails exciting – NOT boring and long and monotone. Mix it up and keep your correspondence alive:

Here is my formula (basically repeat this email cycle):

– day 0: give them something they want (or signed up for) specific to their niche – free gift.
– day 1: a short “how to improve” tip or other useful piece for their niche – with a solution product to make it easier or faster (usually a quality affiliate product if you don’t have your own product to sell)
– day 2: current help tip that other people are doing in the niche – and reiterate about the solution product
– day 3: a good luck story or testimony about people in the niche (as a matter of interest) – you don’t have to have a product to link to here as long as the testimony is placed on your blog or website
– day 4: your direct recommendation to help people through (better or faster) their niche. something that will save them time or money over the longer term. This once again has to be a quality product.
– day 5: Talk about Something that you have been doing or thinking about lately in your niche (which has to be evergreen – that someone could read about this in 6 months time and it will still be relevant) but write it as fresh and exciting.
– day 6: lay a hook, and tell them that you will share something exciting with them tomorrow – so they have to stay tuned.
– day 7: explain / share the exciting news. It may be a development or something new in the industry. something that people can get excited over – and back it up with a product solution.
– day 8: repeat cycle with a new product solution – the next step or another similar great product…

Enjoy it all,

More to come next time !
David C.

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